How to Pour Mixed Drinks – Adding Mix and Garnish

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How to Pour Drinks | Bartender Pouring Technique

How to Pour Drinks Part 2 – Bartending Basics:  Adding Mix
and Garnish

[Video Transcript] How to Pour Drinks – Adding Mix & Garnish

We do the next one with full mix and ah, the garnish. So again, two glasses. I’m gonna say we have here a vodka water and a vodka cranberry – ok, vodka water, vodka cran. So i grab my shot glasses with one hand. You always want to use two hands. Ok, at all times two hands are doing something.

Ok, so i’m grabbing my shot glass and i’m actually gonna try, we’ll get a little flip going. Ok but, just grab it and turn over at the same time you’re grabbing your bottle from your well. And you’re bringing it up. So 45 degree angle. Cut. Pour in. Again 45 degree angle. Cut. Pour in.

Put them both (bottle & shot glass) down. Now I want to grab my [soda] gun. See I have my water on it. Ok, so my gun… but I want to use both hands here instead of crossing over but I’m gonna go water and cranberry. At the same time with my other hand I’m going to grab straws. This [station] is more set up for a left-handed bartender. So first one [drink] is water.

I’m watching, I’m grabbing two straws with my other hand. Ok and the next one is cranberry and I put two straws in. Ok so, I picked up both straws(Click Here to check this product in our barstore) from the container. I split them, put them both in at the same time.pouring mixed drinks - adding mix and garnish

Ok, as I put the gun down, now I’m going to grab the fruit. Ok so, I want to use these two different fruit here and I’ll just show you a lemon and a lime. A vodka cranberry can be garnished with lemon, can be garnished with a lime or sometimes un-garnished. Ok, vodka water, anything light-colored can be garnished with a lemon.

So vodka water, i will put the lemon. And I’m going to split with my fingers, as I bring this up [the lime wedge], it has a slice here, which I show you how to do in another video. It has a slice here, so I’m going to spread it as I’m bringing it up so that I can put it directly on the glass.

Ok, and then touching the bottom of the glass. Do not touch the area where people drink. Ok, do not touch this area with your hands. The bottom of the glass, pick it up and serve it to the customers. Ok, so that’s the full presentation. You probably have some napkins or coasters, this is just a service bar here.


If you haven’t seen the first one, watch HOW TO POUR DRINKS part 1 HERE

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