Beer Marinade for Steak

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Brown Sugar and Beer Marinade for Steak

Looking for the best beer marinade for steak?  We’ve tried this simple brown sugar and beer steak marinade and we give it a solid two thumbs up!  You might even dream about it that night and wonder how soon you can have it again.

It is quite simple to make – one major suggestion we have for you though is to buy quality meat! If you know of a local butcher, go there.  A great steak starts with a great cut of meat.  And then a great beer marinade.

Beer Marinade for Steak Ingredients:

  • 2 beef sirloin steaks
  • 1/4 cup dark beer (light beer will work too)
  • 2 tablespoons of teriyaki sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1/ teaspoon of seasoned salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • A couple cloves of garlic (add more or less depending on how much you love garlic)

beer marinade for steak


  • Chopped white or green onions
  • Swap brown sugar for maple syrup
  • Add some worcestershire


Beer Marinade for Steak Instructions

  1. Prepare your steaks marinade a few hours before you want to eat. This step isn’t necessary. But it will make everything taste better since the meat has time to soak up the flavours.
  2. Put all the ingredients into a ziplock bag and then add your steaks. Zip the bag and make sure it’s locked. Now mix the bag up so the meat is covered with the marinade. You don’t have to shake the bag. Just turning and even ‘massaging’ the meat with help the juices get into the grooves of the steaks. You can even poke holes into the steaks before putting them into the bag to help the juices get inside. 
  3. Leave the steaks in the fridge for a few hours until you can’t wait any longer and need to try them. If you remember, come back and flip them over a few times and mix them again before putting them back in the fridge. 
  4. When you’re ready for your BBQ, preheat your grill or BBQ until it’s very hot. This is the best method for cooking steaks. It sears the outside of the steaks so all the juices get trapped inside and can’t escape.
  5. With the left over marinade in the bag, put it into a pan or pot and bring it to a boil for a few minutes.
  6. When you’re steaks are done to your liking, put them on a plate and drizzle your marinade on top. Now get ready for a mouth full of flavour!


Now you don’t have to cook your steak on a BBQ but if you’ve got one, why wouldn’t you?  This is one of the best and simplest beer marinades for steak around.  If you’ve tried our beer marinade for steak, we’d love to hear your comments!


Christmas Shots Recipes

Christmas Shots Recipes For Christmas or Whenever


No matter if it’s Christmas or not, these Christmas shots recipes are great all year round!  Of course, they do get a lot more play around Christmas time 😉

Try these super tasty Christmas shooters out at your next Christmas gig.


Christmas Shots Recipes #1 – Carrot Cake
1/3 Bailey’s
1/3 Goldschlager
1/3 Butterscotch Schnapps

Shake in a shaker tin with ice and then strain into a shot glass

Christmas Shots Recipes #2 – Santa Shot
1/3 Grenadine
1/3 Green Creme de Menthe
1/3 Peppermint Schnapps

The shot is to be layered with the grenadine on the bottom, followed by the creme de menthe and then the peppermint schnapps on top. The result is a festive red, green and white layered shot.


Christmas Shots Recipes #3 – Christmas Cookie
1/3 Kahlua
1/3 Baileys
1/3 Peppermint Schnapps

Can be shaken in a shaker tin and strained into a shot glass or served at room temperature – it’s up to you how you want your cookies.


Christmas Shots Recipes #4 – Peppermint Patty
1/2 White Creme de Menthe
1/2 Peppermint Schnapps

If shaken on ice and strained, this shot is often called a polar bear. Either way, chilled or not, it’s a darn fine shot.

Christmas Shooter Recipe #5 – Christmas Kiss
1/2 Kahlua
1/2 Raspberry liquor

And of course no Christmas party would be the same without some boozy eggnog.
Here’s Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Eggnog recipe.

Ultimate Eggnog Recipe - Irresistible Eggnog Recipes for the HolidaysSource: Blog

There you have it – a list of the best Christmas shots recipes around.  Do leave a comment if you’ve got another cool Christmas shooter recipe that you’ve tried.



Bomb Drink – Bomb Shot

Bomb Drink a.k.a the Bomb Shot

Bomb shots or bomb drinks are all the rage now. A bomb drink is basically just a shot of some type of alcohol dropped into a mixer of some type.   Nowadays, there are so many different kinds of bomb drinks.

Probably the most common old-school type of bomb drink is a boilermaker which includes a shot of whiskey and a beer. In some places people will simply drink the shot of whiskey and chase it with a beer. And in other places, they’ll drink it like a bomb drink and drop the shot of whiskey in the beer and drink them together.   We should issue a fair warning here – depending on the type and size of the glasses you’re using, the shot glass could slam against your lips and cause you to spill stuff everywhere.  Just be careful when you put the glass with the shot glass inside that the shot glass is going to slide up the glass and a speed determined by how fast you chug the contents.  As with anything, practice makes perfect!

This is what we’re talking about when we say bomb shot or bomb drink – some type of alcohol being “bombed” into a mixer.  Today, the most popular bomb drink is the Jager Bomb – a shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of energy drink such as Red Bull.

bomb drinkAs a bar owner or manager, bomb drinks are cool because they’re fun for customers to drink and they always gets other patrons watching and inquiring about them afterwards.

As a bar patron or owner, if you’ve already ‘been there done that’ with the Jager bombs, then it’s time to explore some new bomb drink recipes.

Bomb drinks can be a lot of fun but make sure that, as the bartender, you’re aware that these types of shots can have a quicker and more extreme effect than regular shots.  Be careful and keep a close eye on any customers ordering bomb drink after bomb drink.

We’ve listed off 9 bomb shot drink recipes including the Skittles bomb, Sake bomb and the Obama bomb in our Bomb Shot Infographic

Bomb Shot Recipes

Bomb Shot Recipes

Yay! We’ve found yet another creative way to get alcohol into our bodies.  They are called bomb shots and these are some of the top bomb shot recipes out there.

The first set of these bomb shot recipes are all bombed in energy drink.  That means that whatever alcohol is mentioned is in a shot glass and it gets dropped a.k.a bombed into a glass of energy drink.  The most popular of this current wave of bomb shots is arguably the Jager bomb or Jager bomb shot.  The Jager bomb shot recipe is pretty easy – just 1oz of Jagermeister bombed in your choice of energy drink.


Top Bomb Shot Recipes


  • ½ oz apple sours
  • ½ oz butterscotch schnapps

Bombed in Energy Drink



  • 1oz raspberry vodka

Bombed in Energy Drink


  • 1oz mandarin orange

Bombed in Energy Drink



  • 1oz malibu rum

Bombed in Energy Drink



  • 1oz goldschlager

Bombed in Energy Drink



  • 1oz cointreau

Bombed in Energy Drink


These next bomb shots are some of the originals out there – the ones that were way cool before anyone every heard of Jagermeister and Jager Bombs.


To recall what’s in an Irish Car Bomb, just remember that everything is Irish – Irish whiskey, Irish cream and Irish beer.

  • ½ oz Irish whiskey
  • ½ oz Irish cream

Bombed in Guinness


Aptly named as it tastes strikingly similar to the Dr.Pepper soft drink.

  • 1oz amaretto

Bombed in Beer with splash of Cola



  • 1oz black sambucca

Bombed in glass Smirnoff Ice (red)


bomb shot recipes

This one is more about the presentation – balance your shot of sake on two chopsticks and then let it drop in!

  • 1oz sake

Bombed in Beer

There are innumerable bomb shot recipes out there as there is an endless combination of alcohol and mix to bomb with.  If you happen to have any other cool bomb shot recipes, please leave them in the comments section below.

Check out our cool bomb shot infographic

Bomb Pop Shots

Bomb Pop Shots Recipe – the Adult Version

Depending on how old you are, you may or may not remember the original Bomb Pops – they were tri-colored popsicles in the shape of bombs (bomb popsicles -> bomb pops).  If you had the chance (or still have the chance) to try the original bomb pop, you should.
bomb pop shots
But since we’re all adults here and we know everything goes better with a little alcohol, lets get on with the “real” bomb pop shots recipe – the boozey one.   Other than the fact that you want the bomb pop shot to taste like the original bomb pop, you also want to make sure that the colors of the bomb pop shot are the correct color and are as clearly separated into the three colors – red, white and blue – as possible (we’ll get into how in a sec).

Bomb Pop Shots Recipe

To get the white of the bomb pop shot, you can use either Sprite and lemon vodka mixed together or you can substitute the sprite and vodka for a lemon cooler like Mikes Hard Lemonade or the original (red) Smirnoff Ice.

Note: don’t get confused with the image on the right.  The way we’ll be making our bomb pop shots, they will turn out to be opposite colors – with red on the bottom, followed by white in the middle and blue on top.

The following recipe makes 2oz shots.

Bomb Pop Shot Ingredients

  • 1/3oz Sprite
  • 1/3oz  lemon vodka
  • 2/3oz  blue curacao
  • 2/3oz grenadine


Bomb Pop Shots Recipe

Bomb Pop Shots Recipe Instructions

You’ll want to chill your vodka / sprite combo or your lemonade cooler before you begin.

Step 1:  Once it’s chilled, pour your “white” (vodka/sprite) into a 2 or 3oz shot glass.

Step 2: Now you have to layer the other ingredients into the glass and this takes a little skill.  (if you don’t know how to properly layer shots, take a look at this b52 shooter video tutorial.  Take a small spoon and place it, bottom side up, into your glass, just above / slightly touching the top of the vodka mixture.

Step 3: Now you want to VERY CAREFULLY pour the Blue Curacao over the top of the spoon so that it can run down the sides of the spoon and dribble onto the vodka where it should stay floating on top.  At this point, hopefully you’ll see the two distinct colors (if not keep practising).

Step 4: Now to add the grenadine.  Grenadine is rather thick and heavy so it will naturally float to the bottom of the glass.  Carefully pour the grenadine over the spoon and let it drip down the sides of the glass to the bottom.

Bomb Pop Shots Variations:  As we mentioned above, you can substitute some vodka cooler for the vodka / sprite combo – or you can try raspberry vodka with sweet and sour mix.

And as a bomb shot, drop an oz of blue curacao into a small rocks glass with smirnoff ice / grenadine.  If you’re looking for more recipes, check out our bomb shot infographic.

If you’ve done everything right to this point, you should have some lovely bomb pop shots to enjoy.  If you didn’t get the layering right, you’ll have something that still tastes like bomb pop shots  but more like when your brother made you eat the whole thing in one freezing go.

If you enjoy our bomb pop shots recipe, be sociable and share 😉



Pub Quiz Night

 How to Run a Pub Quiz Night to Increase Profits and Customer Loyalty

You’ve probably already been to a pub trivia or pub quiz night somewhere before. And you may have even thought about running a weekly bar trivia night at your own bar. But then you started researching and gathering all the questions and answer sheets, writing the rules, finding the prizes and then it hit you….you’ll have to do all that work each and every week. And the more popular it gets, the more work for you.

And then you decided not to host a pub quiz night.

While that’s mostly true – running a weekly pub trivia night does take quite a bit of time to organize – there’s no denying the success that these nights have.

Team events always seem to have more success than single events. Maybe its the competition factor, maybe its that everyone’s counting on you to show up or maybe its because of the camaraderie it produces. Whatever the reason, pub trivia nights turn quiet nights into profitable nights.

If you’d like to increase revenues on one of your slower nights but don’t know how to run one, we teach you how to go about it on our Bar Trivia Night page.

And if you’re too busy to (or just don’t want to) do the research each and every week to organize your own bar trivia night, you can purchase everything you need for less than $25 / week from a company called Pub Quiz Pro

Either way you look at it, bar trivia nights are excellent ways to increase profits on your slower weekday nights.

If you don’t happen to own or manage a bar, mention this idea to your boss. Bosses give the best shifts to the bartenders who are looking out for the establishment first.

How to Become a Club Promoter

How to Become a Club Promoter — Yes, it’s possible! You can get paid to party like a rockstar.  If you’ve ever bartended a wedding or other celebration, you know that it’s a lot of fun – and the money is killer.  Why?  Because people are there to party and have a good time.  It’s the same thing if you become a club promoter – everyone is there to party and you’re the person who made it all happen.

Ok, so there’s the glamour of the club promoting business – where everything is successful and everyone is making money so everyone’s happy.  Of course that’s not always the case.  There are definitely club promoters out there who do all the wrong things and ruin the reputation of legitimate party promoters.  These people, the ones who have zero training and understanding of the business, can actually cost bar / club owners money.

So, onto how you can benefit from party or club promoting. If you have a lot of contacts or regularly go out clubbing where you live, you probably have all you need to start promoting specific parties and events at various pubs and clubs around town.

There is no way we can tell you everything you need to know to get started but there is an information package out there that explains everything in detail.  Remember, this IS a viable business but does require work.

If you’re interested in learning more, go here or click the image below to find all the info you need to learn how to become a club promoter and start getting paid to party.

become a club promoter

How to Brew Your Own Beer at Home

How to Brew Your Own Beer at Home

You’ve probably wondered how to brew your own beer at home (homebrew) before.  It’s unfortunate but a lot of people either think that if they home brew their own beer, it will either be:

  • Too Expensive
  • Taste Disgusting or
  • Be Really Difficult to Do


The reality today is that breweries have taken care of the hard part for you. In many home brew kits, the malt, barley and hops has been combined into a beer concentrate – so that takes care of that aspect.

And all the tools and equipment are supplied so you don’t have to worry about exactly what you need and at which stores to get it. And the home brew kits even include an instructional video and booklet to walk you through the whole process. The only thing left for you to do is to try different flavours until you find your perfect pint.

When you get to be a superstar brewer, you can start to tinker with the recipes and create your own signature homebrew beer – a one-of-a-kind beer that only you have access to.

In its simplest form, here are the steps to home brew your own beer:

Step 1 – MIX
Mix up the beer concentrate and brewing sugar into the water

Step 2 – BREW
Add the yeast and let it ferment.

Step 3 – BOTTLE
Bottle your home brew, add some carbonation drops then store till ready.

Step 4 – Wait and ENJOY!
The satisfaction of brewing your own beer, free from additives and preservatives.
Now that you know how easy it is, lets break the steps down into a little more detail for you – click here to learn more about the home brewing process.

Home brewing beer is a great experience. Its fun and rewarding and, with the right equipment and instructions, your home brewed beer will taste great.

It won’t take you long to learn how to brew your own beer at home – and once you get a taste for it, watch out!


How to Make Skittles Vodka

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Skittles Infused Vodka:
How to Make Skittles Vodka

How to make Skittles vodka — A trend that seems to be catching on around the boozy world is infusing vodka with candies or lozenges. Probably the most popular of these methods is infusing vodka with Skittles. We’ve also seen Fisherman’s Friend (throat lozenges) used as well.

Likely, this trend comes to us from Russia where they make a drink called Nastoyka – an infused vodka drink usually containing one or more of a wide variety of spices, herbs or berries. Originally, vodka was mixed with certain herbs and spices for medicinal purposes. Later people began to like the medicine’s effect better if it was administered orally – and so they drank.


Learning how to make Skittles vodka is pretty straightforward.  The method is basically the same no matter what you are infusing the vodka with – although you may need to strain more for some than others, depending on what you’re infusing your vodka with.


How to Make Skittles Vodka – What You’ll Need

  • 1.75L (40oz) bottle of Vodka
  • 1 pound bag (about 450g or equivalent) of Skittles
  • 5 Flasks or similar bottles
  • funnel
  • 5 empty plastic water bottles
  • coffee filters or paper towel for straining

How to Make Skittles Vodka – the Steps

Step 1: Pour approximately 8 ounces of vodka into each empty water bottle.

Step 2: Separate the Skittles into their five colours and then add the red Skittles to one water bottle, orange to another, green to the third etc until you have five different colored vodka Skittle combinations in your water bottles.

Step 3: Shake the hell out of em! Once you’ve shaken them for a bit, put them in the fridge to let them more fully dissolve overnight.

Step 4: Filter out the junk. You’ll see a lot of white floaties in the vodka. Use either coffee filters – you may have to use 3 or 4 – or paper towels to fully strain the mixture. Once you’ve strained them out into a bowl or pitcher or something (making sure there are no floaties left), transfer your Skittle infused vodka into your flasks or whatever you’re using to store your Skittle vodka.

Step 5: Enjoy your 5 different flavours of Skittle-infused vodka.


Now that you’ve made your Skittle-ey vodka, you’re probably pondering ways to enjoy it. Let us get you started with that.

Try enjoying the vodka straight – as a shot. Then try mixing it with lighter mixes such as 7-up and ginger ale. Next try mixing with cranberry juice.

Keep in mind that the infused vodka is already quite sweet thanks to the Skittles. So, be careful with adding it to sweet mixes.

We hope you liked our How to Make Skittles Vodka tutorial.  If you learned something, share the knowledge and comment, like and share our page.


Dealing with Difficult Customers

Dealing with Difficult Customers –
Killing Rude Customers with Kindness

Dealing with difficult customers is not an easy task by any stretch.  If you’re sarcastic by nature though, this will come easy to you – you’re able to be over-kind to rude customers and still get the last laugh. And its a win-win situation for the bar / bartender and the customer.  Let me explain….

So say you get some guy who starts pounding his fist on the bar, screaming “Service, Service!” Then you go over to take his order and he doesn’t know what he wants and says “Make me something good…and STRONG!”

From this point on, it could go two ways.

The first is to give into your temptations and put this guy in his place in front of all the other customers – causing irreparable damage to his ego. There are a couple of problems with this path however.

First, you don’t know who this guy is and for all you know, he could be some ViP who was college roommates with your boss.

Two, you’ve now put a challenge on the table and whatever happens next is probably not going to be good. Maybe you don’t serve him, maybe you kick him out, maybe a bouncer comes over and escorts him out, maybe he swings at you; likely he says something back and instigates further problems. And he could genuinely be a good customer who is just having a bad day or wanted to show off in front of his buddies or just doesn’t have any bar etiquette. Or maybe he lives on an isolated farm and the only bar he knows is the mini-moonshine operation in his Uncle Billy’s barn.

Any which way, you’re the bartender and its your job to serve and educate your customers – about certain drinks, rules of the bar, bar etiquette, etc…

Try this instead: “Hey buddy, how you doing tonight? I know you’ve been waiting, I could hear you pounding while I was busy serving other customers. Sorry about that, what can I get for you?”

And say he still responds with “Make me something good…and STRONG!” So you reply “Sure thing, how about a double whiskey and coke, easy on the coke?” Whatever he decides, when you give him the drink, say “Here you go pal. If you need anything else, just put some money on the bar in front of you and I’ll be over with another drink as quick as I can.”

More often than not, the guy will be happy that he got his drink, ego intact. And 9 times out of 10, he won’t pound on the bar for the next drink since you’ve now explained the ordering process. The other 1 out of 10 is likely just an all-round prick. Punch him out…..just kidding 😉

We hope this helps you in dealing with difficult customers in the future.  If you have a certain way that you deal with rude customers, do let us know in the comments below.


Free Pub Tricks

Learn Bar Tricks to Increase Your Tips
with Free Pub Tricks!

Get yer free pub tricks. Free pub tricks here!

Bar tricks are not just something to do to entertain yourself and a few friends. In many bars and pubs, its the bartender who is looked upon to entertain the guests during the slower hours. What better way, then by knowing a couple of awesome bar or pub tricks?

In one of the previous issues, we gave you 4 tricks on the house. If you missed it, here’s how to get them.

Step 1:  Simply head over to and then:

Step 2:  Click the orange button “Click to Get Tutorial Now” for any trick on the lower right hand side.

Step 3:  When the shopping cart comes up on the next page (on the right), enter the password: CARD1921 where it says “DISCOUNT CODE” and then click “go”.

You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be able to download these 4 tricks and their tutorials at no charge:

Free Pub Trick #1 – The Floating Note

Free Pub Trick #2 – The Refillable Soda Can

Free Pub Trick #3 – Pot Luck

Free Pub Trick #4 – Gotcha

Now go learn some cool magic tricks!

Want More Pub Tricks?

If you liked those 4 free pub tricks, here’s a way you can get your hands on 4 more at a discount of 50% off the normal price!

Just for being a valued reader of, we’ve worked out a special discount code to get 50% off any 4 other pub trick tutorials you want.

Think about how much more tips you could be rolling in just by knowing how to do any pub / magic trick you want?

Step 1:  to get 50% off any pub tricks you want. Get them here.

Step 2: Simply choose any 4 tricks you want, and when you go to check out, enter the discount code ‘OMG’

We hope you enjoy the four free pub tricks above and take advantage of the 50% off we were able to get you on any of’s other pub magic tricks.


15 Signs of Intoxication

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15 Signs of Intoxication –
How to Tell When Someone is Drunk

As a bartender, you need to know the signs of intoxication because it’s your legal responsibility to do so.  And even if you live in a country where you, as the bartender, have no legal obligation for the care and safety of your guests, you have a moral responsibility to learn these 15 signs of intoxication and to know whether it’s safe to serve your guest another drink or if they should be politely and professionally cut off from drinking.

Top 15 Signs of Visible Intoxication:

  1. Slurred speech
  2. Swaying, staggering or stumbling
  3. Drinking too fast
  4. Over-generous with money
  5. Crude or inappropriate behaviour towards others
  6. Extreme or sudden change in behaviour
  7. Overly loud, boisterous, animated or entertaining
  8. Nodding off at the table or bar
  9. Rambling train of thought
  10. Slow response to questions
  11. Spilling drinks or can’t find their mouth with the glass
  12. Bravado or boasting
  13. Overly friendly to staff or other guests
  14. Mussed hair or disheveled clothing
  15. Crying, moody, overly depressed or sullen

As a bartender, you should always be aware of how much alcohol your guests have consumed – both before they arrived at your bar and while they are there.  Obviously you’re not going to get factual information from asking the inebriated individual, so you need to know what signs to look for so you can tell their level of intoxication.

There are more than these 15 signs of intoxication but if you can’t tell using these 15 clues, you’re likely the one who’s intoxicated!


Cutting Someone Off From Drinking

Cutting Someone Off From Drinking –

How to Cut Someone Off at the Bar

Cutting someone off from drinking can be a painful experience. For some reason or other, cutting someone off, meaning telling them in some way or another that you are not going to be serving them another drink, is tough for bartenders to do. Even if the guy is a prick, it doesn’t make it any easier. Sometimes, it makes it worse, as these are usually the guys that are going to argue about why they’re being cut off.

Some bartenders have trouble cutting people off because they are intimidated by the customer, don’t know how to say it properly, are afraid of what the customer (especially a regular customer) might say, worried about bar sales, repercussions from the owners etc etc.

The reality is, however, that none of the above matters. Countries around the world are adopting stricter liquor laws. In Canada, it is illegal to serve someone past the point of visible intoxication. If you over-serve a customer and that customer say, falls, trips, slips, gets caught driving drunk, or, heaven forbid, hits and kills someone while driving drunk, YOU, the bartender, will be responsible. And if you don’t live in a country with strict liquor laws, you still have a moral responsibility towards your guests and their safety.

Cutting the prick off may just be the best thing that you can do for him. No one

wants to be cut off; but when done correctly, it saves face and lives. And, more often than not, the person you cut off will apologize for their behaviour the next time they come into your bar.

That being said, here are a 4 tactful and professional ways to cut someone off at a bar.

Choose one that works for you and change it to fit your style.

1.  Using the Law: “Sorry sir, but, by law, I’m obligated to tell you that I can’t continue serving you. It’s apparent to me that you are visibly intoxicated and therefore, I have to cut you off. Here, take this bottle of water, go enjoy the rest of the night but don’t let me catch you trying to order another drink or you’ll be asked to leave.”

2.  Deflecting Blame Upwards: “Sorry, but my boss / manager / owner thinks that you’ve had enough and told me not to serve you another drink. Here’s a bottle of water on the house – you don’t have to stop enjoying your evening, but we just can’t serve you another drink.”

3.  On Your Own: “Listen, I think you’ve had enough to drink already. I wasn’t going to give you the last one but I did because you seem like a nice guy / girl who just wants to unwind and relax a little. But I can’t serve you another one or I’ll lose my job. Here, take a bottle of water and go enjoy the rest of the night with your friends, just don’t let me catch you sneaking drinks 😉

4. Straight Talk: “Sorry buddy but I think you’re at your limit. We have two options from here. I can give you a bottle of water and if you promise not to sneak drinks or try to order from another bartender, you can stay and enjoy the rest of the night. Or, if you choose to argue with me about it, you’ll be asked to leave.”


Keep in mind that no approach works every time. You are going to get some people that just don’t want to be cut off, don’t think they’re drunk, or are too drunk to know what’s good for them. If there are ever any problems cutting off a customer, get the owner or the manager to handle it – that’s what they’re there for. They will get better results and it’ll free up your time to continue providing outstanding service to the rest of your guests.

We hope this has given you some insight and confidence the next time you have to cut someone off at the bar.  Cutting someone off from drinking is not always fun but 9 out of 10 times, the person will thank you for it later (and the 1 out of 10? He just can’t remember what happened at all – otherwise he’d apologize profusely as well we’re sure).

If you have an experience to share cutting off a patron, share it with us in the comments below.  If you learned something, please share this page and our site so that other bartenders may learn as well.


Bar Owners New Years Resolutions

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Bar Owners New Years Resolutions

We’re not big fans of New Years resolutions here at  Who needs another reason to get down on themselves after inevitably failing to keep your resolution anyway?

So these bar owners new years resolutions are more about getting you to do something new and innovative in your bar in the new year rather than getting you personally to give up or quit something.

Keeping things fresh at the bar can be one of the most difficult things to keep up. Bar managers should continually be looking for new and innovative promotions to bring in new customers.

Here is your Bar Owners New Years Resolution: “I will host a new event each month.”

Keeping this one new years resolution will make a world of difference in your bar.  And here are some ideas for promos to run at your establishment:

  • Animal Races – if you’ve never had animal races, they can bring in quite the crowd. The best animals to race are hermit crabs, frogs or turtles. Pair up the races with sports games – try a Monday Night Football pre-game race. You could even attach team logos to the racers or use them to “predict” the winner of the game.
  • Local Event Park ‘n’ Ride – start looking for other events happening around your bar – comedy shows, festivals, musicals etc, and offer free transportation to and from the event. Rent a small bus and offer people a ride to and from the event. This will make your bar a starting point for people before the event and a place to congregate afterwards.
  • Beers of the World Promotion – If you serve a bunch of different beers from different areas of the world, you can do an around the world promo where people get a card punched each time they try a new beer and get a prize for trying, say, 10 of them.

Those are just a sample of the many different bar promotions and bar events we have listed throughout out site.  No matter what bar event you end up going with, put a solid effort into it and make sure that everyone has an awesome time.  Do this month after month and you WILL see bigger profits and happier clientele.


Bartenders New Years Resolutions

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Your Bartenders New Years Resolutions

If you’re an up and coming bartender and you’ll be looking for bartending work this coming new year, you’ll want to pay special attention here.  What we’ve done is put together a couple ideas for some New Years resolutions to ensure that you don’t run out of pocket change in the new year.

Whether you’re currently bartending or learning to bartend; if you’re like the rest of us, you’ve more than likely procrastinated in the past on getting stuff done.

Maybe this year you meant to go to bartending school or study some bartending videos and practise at home. Maybe you meant to go and ask questions to the bartender at your local pub or hand out some bartending resumes – but you didn’t.  That’s ok, we’re not here to judge.

But we are here to help with your bartending-related new years resolutions this year.

New Years Resolutions for Up-and-Coming Bartenders

Up and coming bartenders need to perfect their skills and their resumes in order to get their foot in the bartending industry door. To perfect your skills, go over to our bartending video tutorials page and practise, practise, practise. To perfect your resume, try reading our bartending resume advice here.

When you’ve got your skills down and you’ve crafted the perfect bartender resume, its time to lay it on the line by following these simple steps:

  1. With resume in hand, go to a couple of the bars / clubs where you want to work.
  2. Get a meeting with the manager / owner and let them know that you are so confident in your abilities that you are willing to work for one week FOR FREE.
  3. Tell the bar manager / owner that you will work for just tips for an entire week and at the end of which, the manager / owner can decide if they would like to hire you or not.

As long as you have the right attitude and sufficient bartending skills, this method will work well for you.


New Years Resolutions for Current BarTenders

If you’re already bartending and making cash, you need to focus on how to make more tips per shift and / or how to get the prime shifts. To do this, you’ll need to widen your skill set and get in favor with the owner / manager.

Do this by:

  1. Attracting and keeping regular customers and entertaining new guests by learning some simple bar tricks.
  2. Learning some new drink recipes that can be made with ingredients your bar already has on hand. Suggesting these new cocktails to guests when they’re looking for something new to drink.
  3. Taking some of the drink recipes you’ve learned from #2 and suggest a ‘cocktail of the day’ program to your manager.
  4. Taking the time to learn some cool bartending tricks like fanning napkins or pouring 3 shots simultaneously.

By increasing your bartending skills and bettering your customer service skills, you will start making better tips and attracting more regular customers. By suggesting promotions that will help boost revenues at your bar, you’re showing your manager / owner that you are looking out for the bar and not just yourself. This will ultimately lead to better shifts and more opportunity to grow in the industry.

Remember that even if you don’t keep your bartenders new years resolutions this year, most people don’t.  Don’t beat yourself up about it too much but don’t be a puss and give up on January 2nd either.



Video Post Format With Thumbnail Image

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Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up

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7 Bar Game Ideas for your Bar Event

7 Bar Games to Bring Some Life to Your Bar Party

Bar games – because it’s not just about getting people through your doors; it’s also about entertaining them while they’re there.  You wouldn’t want to bore your guests after you worked so hard to get them through the door would you?   Bar games are a great way to keep guests entertained while they’re attending an event at your bar.  The important part about choosing which bar game to incorporate into your event is how the game fits with the theme of the event you’re running as well as with the attending audience.  Ok, here we go, 7 bar games you can play at your bar, pub or club that are guaranteed to bring some laughs and entertainment to the night.


Bar Game #1 – The Dating Game

It doesn’t matter if the “couples” are total strangers, friends or long-term lovers.  Split players off into couples and have one person from each couple leave the area / room.  The players who remain are asked some pre-planned questions about their new partner / spouse.  The object is for them to answer in the same way they think their partner would answer.  Matching answers are given a point and the next time the roles are reversed. Bar Games: The Dating Game

Bar Game #2 – Kangaroo

Just another of the hundreds of bar games you can play with a balloon.  Have players line up at the staring line with a balloon securely pressed between their knees.  At the yell of Go!, hop down the course towards the finish line making sure not to lose the balloon.  If you do, go back and fetch it and then start back where you dropped it.  Burst your balloon and you’re out.  I’m sure you can figure out who the winner is.

Bar Game #3 – Penny Drop

This one is easy to set up and is always a good way to get a couple hundred extra dollars and some more fun out of the night.  There are two ways to do this.  The first is to grab a big glass jar – like the ones that olives come in; fill it up with cold water, put a 2oz shot glass in the bottom of the jar of water and cut a coin-sized slit in the top before screwing it back in place.  Players have to drop a coin through the top slot and try to get it to land in the shot glass.


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The other way is to put water in a bucket of some type, place a bigger coin at the bottom of the bucket and try to land a smaller coin on top of the bigger coin.  You choose what the winners win – but make sure it’s legal in your area.

Bar Game #4 – The Pea Suck

Set out three small plates for each team of two – one at either end and one in the middle.  The plate at one end is full of peas and the object is to transfer as many peas from one plate to the middle one and then onto the end plate.  However, you need to transfer them by sucking the pea up to the end of the straw and holding it there while you run over to the next plate, drop it there and have your partner carry on to the end plate.  The team with the most peas transferred wins.

Bar Game #5 – Who’s Line?

Gather a bunch of famous quotes and sayings from over the years – some can be current and others can be famous quotes from over the ages.  The game is to say only a certain portion of the quote / saying and give points to the teams who can come up with the answers.  Give points for getting the missing part of the quote as well as for who said it.  You can even give bonus points if some smarty pants knows the story behind a certain quote.

Bar Game #6 – Mouth to Mouth Obstacle Course

Teams compete against each other to finish a fairly simple obstacle course consisting of some well-placed tables and chairs.  The caveat is that each competitor will be holding a spoon in their mouths upon which will be an egg.  The players have to pass off the eggs to their partners at strategic points throughout the course.  You can, if you’re boring, use a ping pong ball instead.

Bar Game #7 – My Buddy Went Up to the Bar and Ordered

This is a game where everyone is sitting around a table and it’s each player for him/herself.  The first player starts by choosing a letter and the next player begins the round by choosing something that your buddy is able to go up to the bar and order that starts with the letter that the previous player chose.  For example, the first player chooses “M” and the next player in line says “My buddy went up to the bar and ordered a margarita”.  The next person in line repeats that and adds their own: “My buddy went up to the bar and ordered a margarita and a mai-tai”  This continues until someone gets knocked out for making a mistake or not being able to come up with something that makes sense.


We hope you enjoyed these 7 bar games.  If you haven’t already checked out our other bar promotions and bar events pages, makes sure you do as we’ve listed off tons of other bar promos you can put on.



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Bar Marketing

Bar Marketing

How to Market Your Bar, Pub, Club or Restaurant

This section won’t focus on the importance of bar marketing – hopefully you’ve already figured out that fact for yourself.  If you haven’t, let me tell you once and for all – you need to market your bar and continually advertise to stay alive and competitive.

How about we start with everyone’s favourite way to market a bar – the free way.  There are still some places – mostly online, where you can advertise your bar and your bar’s events for free.

1.  Knowing the Right People – A good way to get free publicity for your event is to look to local writers and bloggers.  Make a contact list of all the people who write about events going on in your city and make sure you email them a personalized invite each time you throw an event.


2.  Food Blogs – If you are having a food-related promo, find someone in your city who blogs about restaurants and food and invite them in for a free meal.  If you are launching a new top shelf vodka or tequila, find bloggers who have blogs about spirits or bar hopping.  If you can’t persuade them to come into your place by offering them something for free, see if they allow advertising on their blogs and sites.


3.  Online Classifieds – there are other ones but Craigslist is the biggest.  You can advertise your event for free on online classifieds and online event calendars.  Try doing a search for your local city + “submit event” to see what sites are accepting online submissions of events.


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4.  Social Media – we won’t get into all the different platforms out there but they are all free and have already established audiences.  But they do take time and effort to make successful, don’t kid yourself.  If you want to develop a presence and / or expertise in some area on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, for example, you’ll need to really become involved in those communities.


5.  Group Deals – group deal sites like Groupon don’t cost anything upfront and, although they do take a big chunk (usually in the 50% neighbourhood), it does bring in new customers and get your name out there – for free.


6.  Review Sites – make sure that you are claiming and optimizing your bar’s presence on review sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor and the like.  These sites, aside from being yet another way you can interact with your customers as well as create new ones, also boasts huge traffic.  Find your business on these sites, optimize the listing by adding pictures, videos, coupons etc and make sure the information is correct.


7.  YouTube – a Youtube channel is free and, if you have a phone or laptop, so is making a video.  Think about starting a Youtube channel and teaching your audience something.  Maybe it’s creating unique cocktails, talking about craft beer, mastering kitchen preparation techniques, teaching Thai cooking; whatever it is, make sure it’s entertaining and provides value and try to put out at least 50 videos (each one shouldn’t be any longer than 4min).


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Bar Marketing the Paid Way

Now that we’ve covered many ways to market your bar for free, let’s get into some of the paid and, some would argue, easier ways to get people in the door.


1.  Pay Per Click Ads – this type of paid advertising is one of the most popular forms online with Google’s Adwords and Facebook Ads being the two big players in the industry.

2.  Plenty of Fish – not many people know that you can advertise on POF.  And their targeting capabilities rival those of Facebook.

3.  Banner Ads – buying banner ads on local websites can get your bar or bar event the exposure that you’re looking for.  When you start talking numbers, make sure you ask how many Unique Visitors the site gets not how many Hits it gets.


Now that we’ve covered some free bar marketing methods and several paid bar marketing methods, let’s get into more paid bar marketing methods but these ones we consider to be less effective than the online methods above.

It’s been our experience that the ROI for advertising with most offline publications is not high enough to warrant it.  They are a good way to get your brand out there…maybe.  Even then, it’s still very expensive for what you can’t measure that you get.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can market your restaurant or bar in the more traditional (and less effective) fashion.

1.  Local Newspapers / Magazines – find the newspapers and / or magazines that your target market read and find out about ad rates.  Remember that you can ALWAYS negotiate your rates.  Offline publications are struggling to stay alive these days and their rates and the deals you get (sometimes) show it.

2.  Radio Advertising – if you’ve got the cash, go ahead and blanket your message across the radio.  It’s going to cost you though – and it’s tough to measure any type of return.  It’s better to work out some deal with the radio station where you can do something in trade.

There are, of course, dozens and dozens of other ways to market your bar.  The most important thing is that you realize the importance of bar marketing and you’re here trying to find bar marketing ideas and tips.


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Bar Promotion Ideas That Work

Bar Promotion Ideas That Work

Looking for bar promotion ideas that work?  As opposed to the ones that don’t work that everyone’s always searching for?  Just kidding.

Seriously, we have a lot of pages on this site dedicated to bar promotions and bar events.  This specific post has more to do with providing you a way to find lots of bar promotion ideas that work rather than listing off a bunch.

1.  We don’t need to tell you, Facebook is just massive.  Something you’ve likely overlooked about Facebook however, is the fact that you probably get invited to a slew of different events.  And what you might not be aware of is that you can browse through past events you’ve been invited to for ideas on what you can do for future events.

To do this, click on Events and at the top where you see the previous month, click on that to go back as many months as you want.

What you’re doing is scrolling through to see any bar promotion ideas that you can borrow and better.  Careful not to copy something from within your area however.  You want to do something different and better than anyone else is doing.  Make every event memorable and you’ll keep people talking about it and coming back week after week.

2.  Another way to get bar promotion ideas that work is to use the big G.  Take theme parties or holidays for example.  Simply Google the name of the party (i.e. Toga party, st. Patricks day party etc), click on Images and search through the images to find other bars’ posters and flyers and see what they’ve got going on.

Lets say for example, you’re wondering what kind of specials to run on New Year’s Eve.   Type “new years eve party” into Google and then click “images” and scroll through other bars’ flyers and posters to get ideas for your own bar promotion ideas that work.

We hope we’ve opened your eyes to the wealth of bar promotions that are out there as well as how to find them.

Remember, bar promotion ideas that work are the ones that are planned properly, involve all the staff, are advertised well and are executed without any major problems.



Bar Promotion Tips

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 Bar Promotion Tips

Before you start your first bar promotion, consider these bar promotion tips:

  1. Let the Staff In – One of the biggest mistakes we see is bars running events and promos and not filling the staff in on all the details.  You need to let your staff know every aspect of your upcoming events so that they get excited and convey that excitement to the customers.
  2. Relevant Prizes – If you’re offering prizes to your guests during one of your events, make sure that the prizes are relevant to both your target market and the theme of the event.  For example, if you are running a singles event, you could offer dinner for 2.  If you are running a girls night out, your prize could be tickets to an upcoming chick flick.
  3. Staff Recon – It’s your staff who are the ones in constant contact with your customers.  Since that’s the case, ask your bartenders, wait staff, bus boys and bar backs to talk with the customers and ask them what kind of events they’d like to see at your establishment.
  4. Details not Dollars – Bar promotions and events don’t have to be lavish and expensive to work.  They just need to be planned out well in advance and executed properly.  You should be running at least one new event each month.  By the time one event is over, you’ll start planning for the next month’s event.  You need this time to ensure that everything is set up, materials and decorations are ordered, prizing is secured and advertising has been taken care of.
  5. Make Em Have Fun, Loser – Something important to keep in mind is that, even if your event “fails”, that is to say that not many people attend, you still have to make sure that everyone who does show up has a great time.  This means going ahead with any prizing, draws and / or contests that you had lined up and doing whatever you can to ensure people leave happy.
  6. Reps Are Your Friends – An excellent way to get ideas for bar promotions and to get help executing them is to involve your liquor and beer reps.  These guys and gals have seen it all before – they likely oversee many different bars and have seen tons of different promotions.  Ask them for some ideas on what has worked well in the past and then get them involved.

Number 5 is one of the harder points to accomplish.  It’s human nature to want to recoil from the public and wallow in our own self-pity and humiliation for organizing and throwing a party for which 10 people showed.

Being the hardest, it’s also the most important.  You are going to have bar promotions that fail – accept it now.  No one remembers the failures anyway – just make sure you don’t do it often and that the people who attended your failures had a blast anyway.

We hope you enjoyed these bar promotion tips.  If you’re looking for more bar marketing, check the links below.




Stainless Steel Fruit Tray

Stainless Steel Fruit Tray / Garnish Tray

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If you’re looking for something a little sturdier and a little classier than the standard fruit tray you see in every pub around, try out this stainless steel fruit tray.

How to Order Scotch

How to Order Scotch

It’s good to know how to order scotch whether you like the stuff or not.  It just makes for a more socially well-rounded individual.  Here are some scotch terms that you can learn before you head out to your next fancy event.

Scotch – scotch simply implies that the whisky was produced in Scotland. Other countries that produce whiskies are Ireland, Canada, America and Japan.

Peat – a moss common in Scotland. It is dried and used to fuel the fire to dry the malt. The peat fire gives the scotch a strong smokey aroma and taste. Some scotches are known for being peaty.

Blended Scotch – a bottle containing two different scotch whiskies. Blended scotch tends to be of lower quality.

Single Malt – a single malt scotch is like a purebred. Aged in one barrel and not blended with any other distillery’s whiskies. Although most distilleries do mix different batches of different ages together.

Malt – Malt indicates that barley grains were used during the germination and fermenting process.

Vatted Malt – a blend of single malts. This is done to control and produce specifics and desired flavors.

Age – Indicates the age of maturation of the youngest component in the scotch whisky.

Cask – Scotches are aged in various types of casks or barrels. Consulthow to taste scotch for a full explanation.

Neat – served in a rocks glass at room temperature with no ice.

Rocks – serve with ice cubes. Some scotch connoisseurs may specify how many rocks they’d like.

Water Side or Water Back – served neat with a small glass of water on the side so water can be added to desired taste.

Splash of Water – served neat with a splash of water already poured in. A splash would be approximately half an ounce of liquid.


So now you know if you hear a guy order “Scotch. Neat.” he’s not commenting on how cool it is that the bar carries scotch.  And that’s how to order scotch.


Hosting a Scotch Tasting Party

Hosting a Scotch Tasting Party

Hosting a scotch tasting party at home and learning how to taste scotch is a unique and enjoyable way to get great friends together.   A scotch tasting party is a great party to throw in the winter months – getting friends out of their homes and warmed up together with a selection of great-tasting scotches.

Some things to consider when preparing your home for this party is the temperature and aromas in the room. Scotch should be served at room temperature and any lingering aromas in the house or room will affect the tasting. Turn off air fresheners for the day and don’t use heavily scented cleaning product prior to having people over.

Another item to consider are glasses. Serving scotch in rocks glasses is just fine. Although the appropriate style of glass used for tasting scotch are similar to snifters. By using a glass with this shape, it allows the scotch to be swirled and for aromas to gather inside the bowl and it’s perfect for aerating and nosing.

Aerating is simply when you swirl the scotch in your glass to allow oxygen into the spirit. This helps release the aromas. Nosing is when tasters stick their nostrils in their glass to try to identify the contents.


Note: Whisky is one of those words that has different spellings depending on where in the world you are. It’s spelled whisky in Scotland and whiskey – with an ‘e’ in America and Ireland


Choosing the right variety of Scotches to taste:

We suggest selecting five single malts from five different whisky producing regions of Scotland.


Scotch Regions: 
Speyside, Gleniddich, Ardmore and Knockando, Highlands, Lowlands, The Isle of Islay, Cambellton. Each of these renowned regions produce Scotches of different personalities.


Suggestion: To get your guest excited for the tasting party and to also make the party more affordable, have your guest each bring a bottle of their choice. This will not only ensure a nice variety, it will also give your guest the opportunity to get involved.

For part 2 of Hosting a Scotch Tasting Party, be sure to read How to Taste Scotch and download our Scotch Tasting Sheet.




Scotch Terms

Scotch Terms / Scotch Terminology

Like wine, there are scotch terms and scotch terminology that you’re going to need to know if you want to, well, be in the (scotch) know.  With that in mind, here’s a list of the most common scotch terms that you’ll encounter.

Dry – a feeling of astringency on the tongue.

Full-bodied – strong tastes and smells and heavy on the tongue.

Rich – high intensity with sweet flavors and aromas.

Thin – lacking aromas and flavor and watery in characteristic.

Green – clear marks of grass or moss aromas.

Mellow – aromas and flavors are smooth. Usually from maturing longer.

Robust – strong aromas, flavor and personality.

Neutral – lacks any aromas and has little flavor.

Light – delicate intensity of aromas and flavors.

Round – well-balanced aromas and flavors.

Heavy – high intensity and flavor.

Sharp – prickles the nose and tongue.

Clean – free from most smells and tastes.

Bland – lacks personality.

Soft – pungent alcohol yet light aromas.


A Little Extra Scotch Terminology…

Dram – Scottish for a wee drink. It basically means the amount that is normally served in a drink, approximately one and a half ounces. Now, awee dram would be one ounce. A dram is an old unit of measurement in Scotland.

Angel’s Share – the amount of scotch that evaporates while it is aging.

Slàinte mhath (slawn je vah) – Scottish for CHEERS! It translates to “good health”

Uisge Beatha (oosh-ka bay-ah) – Scottish for “water of life”, similar to Latin’s “aqua vitae”. The word ‘whisky’ is derived from ‘Uisage’.


Those should be all the scotch terms you need to know to start enjoying some great scotch (well, to be honest, you didn’t really need to know all this scotch terminology just to try some nice single malts – but you should if you plan on making it a habit.)




How to Taste Scotch

How to Taste Scotch

This ‘How to Taste Scotch’ page is a continuation from our Hosting a Scotch Tasting Party article.  Once you have everything set up for your scotch tasting event and you have all your supplies and you’ve downloaded and printed copies our our scotch tasting sheet, you’re ready to learn all about how to taste scotch.
As we go through learning how to taste scotch, there will be 2 stages of tasting with 5 levels to complete. The first level will be to explore the scotch neat – meaning no water added and at room temperature. The second level is to explore the scotch diluted – with a little water added (approximately 1-1½ ounces of water).

The water used for diluting the scotch should be free of heavy minerals. Bottled spring water is the best option.


The 5 degrees of scotch tasting is the same for both stages.

Step 1:  Once each guest has been poured a “dram” of scotch (approxiamately 1½ ounces), instruct guests to hold their scotch glasses by the stem. Have everyone hold their glasses up to the light to observe its color. The color of the scotch will reveal what kind of cask it matured in and how long it matured for. They may refer to their scotch tasting sheet to identify the cask.

Step 2:  Have your guests tilt and rotate their glasses to coat the sides of the glass with the scotch and look at the legs. The legs are what we refer to as the liquid that runs back down the side of the glass. How the legs move and the speed at which they run indicates the maturity of the whisky. Slower legs equates to older scotch.

Step 3:  Before tasting the whisky, have your guests nose their scotch to detect the complexities and aromas. During each of these steps, your guests should consult their scotch tasting sheet and write down what they observe.

Step 4:  Now comes the actual tasting. Guests should only take into their mouth enough scotch to coat their tongue. They should then let the scotch sit on their tongue for a minute so they can scrutinize its flavours and texture.  Now instruct your guests to swallow the Scotch and observe and assess its finish. Get your guests to make note of the flavors that linger on their tongue.

Holding the glass by the bowl will warm the scotch up and change the taste and aromas. Tasters may want to try an extra tasting using this method and compare their observations between the two.

Step 5:  Lastly, add a little water to enhance the characteristics of the scotch. Now repeat the steps of observing, smelling, feeling, tasting and assessing the finish.


Now everyone can compare notes from the first neat (no water, no ice) tasting and their second tasting where water was added.


Once each selected scotch has been sampled, serve some desserts and have your guests mingle and share their findings with each other, discussing what they liked best.

Ideas for scotch and food pairing:

Cheeses (soft brie and/or a hard, sharp cheddar)

Flavored Chocolates (cayenne flavored, orange chocolate and/or sea salt chocolate)

Citrus Fruits (oranges and grapefruit) and Orchard Fruits (apples and pears)

Unique flavoured Potato Chips or Pretzels (honey-roasted, worcestershire, mustard)

Appetizer Meats (bacon wrapped chicken, meatballs, ribs or rare-beef on crackers)


We hope you enjoyed How to Taste Scotch and you’re brimming with ideas on hosting a Scotch Tasting Party of your own.  Don’t forget to download and print out enough copies of our Scotch Tasting Sheet for your party.

If you liked the article, please show some bartending love by liking, commenting and sharing.   Cheers!