Bar Interview Questions and Answers

This bar interview questions and answers page is part 3 in our bar interview questions series.  Be sure to check out the first two pages: Bar Interview and Bar Interview Questions to get all our best responses to the bar interview questions you’re bound to hear during your bar interview.

Bar Interview Questions and Answers: Where do you see yourself in the future?

If you are studying for something in school or have graduated already and plan on entering that field, then tell the interviewer that you love working in the bar industry so much that you plan on continuing working nights and on the weekends even if you get a position in your chosen field.

If you are not planning on getting a “real” job (and we wouldn’t blame you), tell the interviewer that you plan on making a career out of the bar industry and hopefully opening up your own bar sometime in the distant future.  Tell them that you love the industry so much that you can’t see yourself leaving it.

Bar Interview Questions and Answers: How do you make a martini, screwdriver, rusty nail, B-52 shooter etc.?

The interviewer is bound to ask you to name the ingredients in several different popular mixed drinks or cocktails.  Although you don’t need to know hundreds of drinks, you should have a good idea of the most popular drinks served in the bar you’re applying at and how to make them.

bar interview questions and answers


Bar Interview Questions and Answers: Do you have any questions?

Most interviewers will ask you at the end if you have any questions. It’s best to have at least one prepared. If you think of any questions during the interview, jot them down and use them at the end.  You DON’T want to ask about time off, how much your hourly pay is or what kind of vacation time you get.  You need to know that working in the bar industry, you will likely work most holidays and won’t have a set amount of vacation time like in other jobs.


Try asking something like, what are the busiest nights here?  or What kind of special events have you run in the past that were successful for you? or “I’d really like to take a look around the place, would that be ok?” or “Do you have a lot of regular customers that come in or is it a lot of different faces each night?” or “Who are your biggest competitors right now and what do they do differently that brings in customers?”


You are trying to show the interviewer that are interested in not only the position but the bar itself.  You want them to know that, even now during the interview, that you are thinking about ways to bring in more customers.

Make sure that you shine during the bar interview and that you’re prepared for the questions that are bound to be asked of you.  Good luck on your bartending journey….it’s an awesome ride!