Best New York Bloody Mary Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
1.5oz Vodka
6-8 leaves Basil
2 slices Jalapeno
.5 oz Pickle Juice
2 dashes Salt
3 dashes Pepper
3 squirts Worcestershire Sauce
2 drops Hot Sauce
rim w/ Celery Salt
1 slice Bacon for garnish
1 wedge Lime for garnish

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Best New York Bloody Mary Recipe

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This awesome Bloody Mary recipe comes from a New York-based bar and restaurant – it’s seriously good!





      To make the best New York bloody mary requires all the traditional ingredients that go into a Bloody Mary and some not so traditional ingredients.  To get this cocktail started, we’ll need to fry some bacon until crispy. While the bacon is frying, you can go ahead and start prepping for your cocktail.  In addition to the ingredients listed here, you’ll need the following items:

      • Collins, tulip or pint glass
      • Jigger or shot glass
      • Ice
      • Straw
      • Bar Spoon
      • Rimmer (or saucer plate)
      • Small frying pan for bacon (can also be cooked in the microwave or in the oven)
      • Cutting board
      • Knife




      You'll need to have the bacon fried and crispy as well as having a lime wedge cut with a slit in the middle as preparation for the garnish.


      Making the Cocktail

      You'll want to start with a glass, rimmed with celery salt and half full of ice. Add all the ingredients starting with the salt, pepper, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Then add the two rings of jalapeno that you cut and then the basil leaves. Now add your pickle juice and vodka.


      Combining the Flavors

      Now fill the glass almost to the top with tomato juice and then grab a bar spoon and stir all the flavors together before topping the drink off with some additional ice.


      The garnish

      Add the lime wedge to the edge of the glass and slide the slice of crispy bacon into the cocktail. Then add a straw and you've got yourself one seriously good New York Bloody Mary.

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