Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe


What’s the best way to make a Long Island Iced Tea?
Question by lazyjbob

I found a “recipe” on wikipedia and it calls for Gomme Syrup and I have no idea what that is or where to get it.
Also…What is meant by “sweet and sour mix”?


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Answer by baygirlie

1 part vodka
1 part tequila
1 part rum
1 part gin
1 part triple sec
1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix
1 splash Coca-Cola

This is a great recipe.
Gomme is just sugar syrup…you really don’t need it

Sweet & Sour mix is just a mixture of lemon juice & sugar. You can make your own with 8 oz of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of sugar.


BarsandBartending answer: 
We concur with baygirlie’s Long Island Iced Tea recipe above but we would take the Triple Sec down to a 1/2 part.  Use a collins glass, fill it with ice and pour in all your liquor.  Add sweet & sour mix – also called margarita mix, sours, bar lime or bar mix, which can easily be bought in sugar crystal form – and top with an ounce or so of Coke.  Garnish with a nice lemon wheel or wedge.
In Canada, this is generally a 2oz cocktail and is one of the stronger cocktails you can order from a bar.  And because the strong alcohol flavor is covered by the sugary mixes, patrons often don’t realize just how intoxicated they are becoming. So, as a bartender, be aware of that.

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Only add tequila if you are looking for an Electric Iced Tea.

.75 oz. vodka
.75 oz gin
.75 oz rum
.5 oz triple sec
2.5 oz sweet and sour
splash of cola

When I was a bartender at Red Robin we added whiskey to ours so we cut down the measurements to .5 oz all around the 5 liquors.

Don’t use Gomme unless you don’t have sweet and sour, Gomme is a sugar syrup and you would be much better off just not using it in this kind of a drink.

25ml of absolut vodka, 25ml of bombay saphire gin , 25ml of appletons white rum, 25ml of marie brizard triple sec , 25ml of olmeca tequila, 350ml of pepsi cola, 5 rocks of ice.
Place in a tall glass and drink thru a straw.

i use
1/2 oz of the following:
triple sec.
then add 3 oz of sweet and sour and 1 oz of coke.
just pour over ice and drink!!! delicious!

sweet and sour is a premixed additive that you can buy at pretty much any grocery store. just look around where they sell beer or wine.

I prefer Long Beach because of the cranberry. The recipe’s given were great. Have fun drinking.

Honestly the best way is to get the pre-made. Ive had the tgi fridays and it was really good. You don’t have to buy so many bottles to get all of the ingredients you need, And you aren’t gonna feel like mixing such a complicated drink after youve already had a few lol just pour it over ice and your good to go.

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