How to Chill Wine Fast | How to Quickly Chill Wine

Looking to Chill Wine or Beer Fast?
Here’s How…

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve run into a situation where you needed to learn how to quickly chill wine or you wanted to chill beer fast. For us, it happened after bringing home 3 batches of wine we had just made at our local wine making establishment, Blanshard Street Winery. After a week in a closet at our place, the whites were (somewhat) ready to consume so we took one out of the box and, without any advance foresight, decided we needed to chill it right now so that we can consume it with our dinner.

chill white wineHence why we are here: to learn how to chill white wine (or red wine if that’s your thing) or chill beer quickly.

How to Quickly Chill Wine

1. Wet a paper towel (or napkin) with cold water and wrap it around the bottle of white wine.
2. Once the entire body of the bottle of white wine is covered with the cold, wet paper towel, place the bottle in the freezer.
3. Pull the bottle out after 2-4min (time depends on the temperature of the water, the freezer etc) and enjoy chilled white wine.   It’s really that simple.
how to quickly chill wine

Don’t bother just putting your bottle of white wine or bottle of beer in the freezer – that’s going to take hours to chill. On top of that, it’s only a matter of time until you forget the bottle in the freezer and find it shattered in your freezer the next morning.  Come on, we’ve all been there.

Save yourself the grief…and loss of alcohol!

If you have paper towel or any type of napkin, grab it and wet it.  Then stick it on whatever bottle you want to chill – a bottle of beer or a bottle of wine – put it in the freezer and you’re golden. Chilled beer or wine in less than 3 min.

This method of quickly chilling wine or beer works wonders – especially because it’s not quite long enough for you to forget it in the freezer!

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