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You’ve Made a Smart Decision in Purchasing a “Written for You” Bartender Resume. My name’s Reese Richards and I’m the owner / proprietor of this site. Before I can get started crafting a bartender resume tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses, I need some information from you.

IMPORTANT!!! Whether you ordered just the bartending resume or the cover letter or both, copy and paste the following questions into an email with your responses – with as much detail as possible – to reese [at]


1. What position are you applying for and ideally what type of establishment would you like to work in? Bar, pub, club, lounge, restaurant, sports bar?
2. How much do you know about beer, wine and spirits? i.e Do you know the difference between a lager and an ale, a merlot and a cab sav, rye and scotch?
3. How is your knowledge of cocktails? Do you know how to make some of the basics like a Bloody Mary, Sex on the Beach, Paralyzer and Tom Collins?
4. Why do you want to (did you) get into the bar industry and what makes you (think you’ll be) good at it?
5. How would your friends describe you?
6. What is your best and worst personality trait?
7. Do you speak / write any other languages other than English?
8. What else should an employer know about you that would give them a reason to hire someone like yourself with no prior bar / restaurant experience?
9. Do you have any special certification for anything related to food handling, first aid, cocktail creation, wine, beer, spirits, or customer service?
10. Is a bartending “certificate” required in your state and if so, do you have it? I.e T.I.P.S, Serving it Right, Smart Serve etc
11. What other skills do you have i.e. computers, software, POS systems, accounting software, inventory software etc

And if you have NO previous bartending experience:
12. What skills do you have that you think would be transferrable to bartending?

Make sure that you send the email from the email address that you’re using on your bartending resume.

Don’t forget to include your Phone # and Mailing Address as well as any additional information about yourself that you think might be relevant.

As long as you respond to any queries I may have, you’ll have your resume within 5 business days (usually quicker).

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