Bar Tricks Tutorial: BIG BOX bar trick revealed

big box bar trick

Learn The BIG BOX Bar Trick

BIG BOX bar trick revealed. This might not be the best bar trick you’ve ever seen but it will get you to thinking. Learn big box bar trick for a simple and fun trick you can use anywhere where you can find a bunch of toothpicks or cocktail straws.

Bar Tricks Revealed – BIG BOX Bar Trick Tutorial [Transcript]

Hey there, Reese Richards from with another bar bet. Forewarned, this one’s a little bit cheesy.

Ok, so you have eleven toothpicks or eleven matches and you want them laid out like this… so, you have two squares and then three individual toothpicks or matches, ok? Two squares, three individual toothpicks or matches. And, the bet is… I bet you that you can’t make a big box… a big box, ok?… moving only two of the toothpicks. Ok? A big box moving only two of the toothpicks.

So, let the person try and see what they can do, moving the toothpicks around and around. Ok? And then when they’re giving up, give them a solution. Here it is. I said it was cheesy, ok? Two toothpicks. The first one… the second one.. a big box. You get it? A big “box”! All right, I said it was kind of lame. But, it’s good for a beer for sure.

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