Bar Promotion Ideas That Work

Bar Promotion Ideas That Work

Looking for bar promotion ideas that work?  As opposed to the ones that don’t work that everyone’s always searching for?  Just kidding.

Seriously, we have a lot of pages on this site dedicated to bar promotions and bar events.  This specific post has more to do with providing you a way to find lots of bar promotion ideas that work rather than listing off a bunch.

1.  We don’t need to tell you, Facebook is just massive.  Something you’ve likely overlooked about Facebook however, is the fact that you probably get invited to a slew of different events.  And what you might not be aware of is that you can browse through past events you’ve been invited to for ideas on what you can do for future events.

To do this, click on Events and at the top where you see the previous month, click on that to go back as many months as you want.

What you’re doing is scrolling through to see any bar promotion ideas that you can borrow and better.  Careful not to copy something from within your area however.  You want to do something different and better than anyone else is doing.  Make every event memorable and you’ll keep people talking about it and coming back week after week.

2.  Another way to get bar promotion ideas that work is to use the big G.  Take theme parties or holidays for example.  Simply Google the name of the party (i.e. Toga party, st. Patricks day party etc), click on Images and search through the images to find other bars’ posters and flyers and see what they’ve got going on.

Lets say for example, you’re wondering what kind of specials to run on New Year’s Eve.   Type “new years eve party” into Google and then click “images” and scroll through other bars’ flyers and posters to get ideas for your own bar promotion ideas that work.

We hope we’ve opened your eyes to the wealth of bar promotions that are out there as well as how to find them.

Remember, bar promotion ideas that work are the ones that are planned properly, involve all the staff, are advertised well and are executed without any major problems.



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