Bar Etiquette #4: I’ll Have a Beer

Here’s the fourth in our Bar Etiquette NO NOs video series – this one’s called I’ll Have a Beer

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #4 – I’ll Have a Beer | How to Order a Beer at a Bar

Reese Richards here from!

So you’re at the bar, and you want a drink. Right, so you go to the bartender, and you say: “I’ll have a beer.”  I say: “What?”  “I’ll have a beer.” Again,  I say: “What?”

Are you serious? Like, you’re actually asking me for a beer?  Ok, great.

Do you know how many beers there are? Do you know how many beers we carry? We carry 100.  100 different brands of beer!

And that’s only in bottles. What about on tap? Come on now.  You gotta be specific.

Know what you want when you get to the bar.





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