Holy Water Drink Recipe

Holy Water Cocktail Recipe Video Tutorial


[Video Transcript for Holy Water Cocktail]
Hey there, Reese Richards from barsandbartending.com. Today, we’re going to do a little cocktail. This one’s called Holy Water. So, this is a Porn Star shot, with Sprite added in. So, with a Porn Star you just make with Red Sours… Raspberry Sours… and Blue Curacao, and for the Holy Water, we add Sprite. Ok? So it’s just going to be a half ounce of, uh, each. And I’m making two for the crew here. Spilling all over the place.

It’s a home bar, it doesn’t matter. Don’t do this at work. Whoo, it’s so pretty. Ain’t she pretty? Will you look at that? All right? And there you have it. A couple of straws. If I had a couple of straws… straws around here. Straws! Str…..tadaa! Straws! There we go. There we go. A couple of Holy Waters.

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