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Bar Marketing

Bar Marketing

How to Market Your Bar, Pub, Club or Restaurant

This section won’t focus on the importance of bar marketing – hopefully you’ve already figured out that fact for yourself.  If you haven’t, let me tell you once and for all – you need to market your bar and continually advertise to stay alive and competitive.

How about we start with everyone’s favourite way to market a bar – the free way.  There are still some places – mostly online, where you can advertise your bar and your bar’s events for free.

1.  Knowing the Right People – A good way to get free publicity for your event is to look to local writers and bloggers.  Make a contact list of all the people who write about events going on in your city and make sure you email them a personalized invite each time you throw an event.


2.  Food Blogs – If you are having a food-related promo, find someone in your city who blogs about restaurants and food and invite them in for a free meal.  If you are launching a new top shelf vodka or tequila, find bloggers who have blogs about spirits or bar hopping.  If you can’t persuade them to come into your place by offering them something for free, see if they allow advertising on their blogs and sites.


3.  Online Classifieds – there are other ones but Craigslist is the biggest.  You can advertise your event for free on online classifieds and online event calendars.  Try doing a search for your local city + “submit event” to see what sites are accepting online submissions of events.


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4.  Social Media – we won’t get into all the different platforms out there but they are all free and have already established audiences.  But they do take time and effort to make successful, don’t kid yourself.  If you want to develop a presence and / or expertise in some area on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, for example, you’ll need to really become involved in those communities.


5.  Group Deals – group deal sites like Groupon don’t cost anything upfront and, although they do take a big chunk (usually in the 50% neighbourhood), it does bring in new customers and get your name out there – for free.


6.  Review Sites – make sure that you are claiming and optimizing your bar’s presence on review sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor and the like.  These sites, aside from being yet another way you can interact with your customers as well as create new ones, also boasts huge traffic.  Find your business on these sites, optimize the listing by adding pictures, videos, coupons etc and make sure the information is correct.


7.  YouTube – a Youtube channel is free and, if you have a phone or laptop, so is making a video.  Think about starting a Youtube channel and teaching your audience something.  Maybe it’s creating unique cocktails, talking about craft beer, mastering kitchen preparation techniques, teaching Thai cooking; whatever it is, make sure it’s entertaining and provides value and try to put out at least 50 videos (each one shouldn’t be any longer than 4min).


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Bar Marketing the Paid Way

Now that we’ve covered many ways to market your bar for free, let’s get into some of the paid and, some would argue, easier ways to get people in the door.


1.  Pay Per Click Ads – this type of paid advertising is one of the most popular forms online with Google’s Adwords and Facebook Ads being the two big players in the industry.

2.  Plenty of Fish – not many people know that you can advertise on POF.  And their targeting capabilities rival those of Facebook.

3.  Banner Ads – buying banner ads on local websites can get your bar or bar event the exposure that you’re looking for.  When you start talking numbers, make sure you ask how many Unique Visitors the site gets not how many Hits it gets.


Now that we’ve covered some free bar marketing methods and several paid bar marketing methods, let’s get into more paid bar marketing methods but these ones we consider to be less effective than the online methods above.

It’s been our experience that the ROI for advertising with most offline publications is not high enough to warrant it.  They are a good way to get your brand out there…maybe.  Even then, it’s still very expensive for what you can’t measure that you get.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can market your restaurant or bar in the more traditional (and less effective) fashion.

1.  Local Newspapers / Magazines – find the newspapers and / or magazines that your target market read and find out about ad rates.  Remember that you can ALWAYS negotiate your rates.  Offline publications are struggling to stay alive these days and their rates and the deals you get (sometimes) show it.

2.  Radio Advertising – if you’ve got the cash, go ahead and blanket your message across the radio.  It’s going to cost you though – and it’s tough to measure any type of return.  It’s better to work out some deal with the radio station where you can do something in trade.

There are, of course, dozens and dozens of other ways to market your bar.  The most important thing is that you realize the importance of bar marketing and you’re here trying to find bar marketing ideas and tips.


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Fun Halloween Drinks & Drink Garnishes

Fun Halloween Drinks & Halloween Drink Garnishes

Fun Halloween drinks and Halloween drink garnishes are next.  We’ve already given you a couple of cool Halloween drinks that you can offer for your party. So, lets get into a couple of cool garnishes that you can use for your Halloween cocktails .halloween drink ideas - sangria pumpkin keg

Creative Halloween Cocktail Garnishes

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Lychee Eyeballs

These look really cool either floating in a drink or skewered and laid on top of the drink. Lychee is a small reddish fruit that’s popular here in Asia. Inside it has a fleshy white texture with a pit in the middle. You can use either canned lychees or fresh ones if you can find them.If you’re using fresh lychees, cut them in half and remove the pit. Where the pit used to be, stick a blueberry in its place – make sure the collar of the blueberry is sticking out. Then use the berry preserves or grenadine to create the bloodshot look.

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Dripped Rims

This works great for martinis and cocktails. Take grenadine and carefully line the rim of the glass with it. Use enough so that it starts to drip down the side of the glass but not so much that it keeps dripping to the table top. You can make these in advance and put them in the fridge to keep them chilled.

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Gummy Worms

These are the same gummy worms that you used to eat as a kid. Buy a couple bags of these worms and use them to decorate your average rum & cokes, whiskey sours, screwdrivers etc.

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Gummied Apple Slices

Keeping with the gummy worms theme, cut up some apples into slices and use a straw to poke a hole through the upper middle of them. Then feed a gummy worm through the hole. Cut a slit in the lower portion of the apple slice so that it fits on the rim of a glass.
I hope you enjoyed these fun Halloween drinks and garnishes.  Don’t forget to check out Halloween Party Drinks for a cool Halloween shot and Halloween cocktail.


Creative Halloween Drink Ideas

Halloween Drink Ideas – Gummy Worm Jello Shots

I’m a big fan of jello shots and adding in half a gummy worm, with the end hanging out of the top, is an excellent way to give your jello shots that Halloween feel. Simply add the gummy worms before putting the mixture into the fridge to set.


Halloween Drink Ideas – Sangria Pumpkin Keg



White Wine Sangria in a Pumpkin Recipe:

1 bottle sweet white wine (we used Moscato)
1 litre of orange juice
1 can of club soda
4 oz of vodka
1 apple diced
2 oranges wedged
1 lemon or lime wedged
frozen berries of choice

Remember, you can use these pumpkin kegs to serve any type of beverage – even non-alcoholic punch for your kids’ party.

If you have any Halloween drink garnish ideas or Halloween drink or shooter recipes, please share them in the comments below.


Click here for another Halloween Shooter and Halloween Cocktail recipe

And here are some Halloween bar decoration ideas. Happy Halloween!!

Drink A Palooza Board Drinking Game: The Ultimate in Fun Drinking Games

Drink-A-Palooza – An All in One Drinking Game

The all in one drinking game Drink A Palooza combines some old school drinking games with some new school ones.

Click to buy Drink-a-Palooza on Amazon.

[VIDEO TRANSCRIPT] Playing the Board Drinking Game Drink a Palooza

Uhmm, here we are on Christmas Eve and we’re gonna sit down and play this game called “Drink A Palooza.” Alright, so Drink A Palooza is kind of a 5 drinking games in 1 and once you get into the instructions and you just setup your little cup here on top with a little spinner, you empty out these little cases. The object is you actually fill up the cases with beer. Okay, the quick start is really just there is a quick start, right?

Set it up like that and just go. So you have a reference on the other side for every square needs around the board; so there’s reference on the card. 2nd person, “So there’s spicy nuts in here huh, heh” 3rd person, “Hmm waterfall.”

Reese, “Those spicy nuts are horrible.”  “Lovely.” 3rd person, “I think they’re great.” Reese, “You like?” 3rd person, “I like my nuts a bit spicy. Hehe!”I’m not gonna laugh.” 2nd person, “There’s nothing worst than a blind nut. I’ll tell you that.” Reese, “We haven’t finished reviewing it yet.” 2nd person, “That’s how good this game is, you want to buy it before it’s even got started.”What? I got 6. Oh no, spin the bottle 26.” “Spin the bottle. Oh me!” “Blue. You get a card.” 2nd person, “Card.” 4th person, “It’s a number six.” 2nd person, “When you land on this base, you draw a card from the deck. If the color of the card matches the color of the base you’re on, then you pass out the amount of sips listed on the card. If the card you choose is not the same color, you will consume the amount of sips yourself.” Reese, “Oh…you’re lucky there right?” 2nd person, “The amount of sips can be divided at between multiple players. We gonna pour into the drink cup. BOOM!” 3rd person, “One, Two, Three, Four, Waterfall!” Everyone, “Waterfall!” Alright, here we go. 4th person, “Okay, that was good.” 3rd person, “WOOOHH!! Empty.” 2nd person, “Alright, girl!”

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Beer Neon

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Bartenders Resume Writing Service

A Real-World Bartending Resume
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Writing a bartenders resume – or any resume for that matter – isn’t an easy task.

Why? Because…

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In today’s competitive job marketplace, it’s not enough to have experience. You need to be able to convey that experience through a well-written, professional-looking bartending resume.

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It still amazes me today how many absolutely horrible bartending resumes are out there – how many people just don’t take the time to write a professional looking bartender resume.

Now, it may be that they just don’t know how – and that’s okay. Maybe they’re not good at writing, not good with words, don’t know how to put what’s in their head on paper etc – and really that’s not their fault. But what is their fault is not getting someone else to help them write their bartenders resume; or finding someone to write their bartending resume for them.

Your bartending resume is thee single most important thing when it comes to getting that bartending job you want. It’s the only thing that a bar manager is looking at when s/he is deciding whether or not to call you in for a bar interview.

The cost of having someone write a bartender resume for you is minimal when you consider the big picture. As I’m sure you’re aware, bartenders can make VERY good money behind the bar. On average, a decent bartender can make an easy $100 per shift.

To lend this some credibility, I’ll tell you about my last experience consulting for a nightclub in Canada.

Saturday nights were our busy nights and we had 4 bartenders on and one cocktail waitress. The bartenders consistently made $300 / night IN TIPS ALONE plus their hourly wage. The top bartender took home $400 / night on more than one occasion.

How Much Does it Cost?

Q: So, What Does it Cost to Have Me Write Your Bartenders Resume for You?

A: About the Cost of One Night of Bartending.

Here is the breakdown of what I charge to write your bartender resume for you. There are several scenarios to choose from:

      1. Bartenders Resume Written For You – $97 USD
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Can I See Some Samples?

Of Course! You want to know that what you’re paying for is worth your hard-earned money – I get that.

So, here are a couple of sample bartending resumes for you to look at:


Bartending Resume Example #1

sample bartender resume


Bartending Resume Example #2

bartending resume sample-1

Of course, these sample bartending resumes have the limitations of the fact that they’re put on the web – and the layout is somewhat trickier than on paper. But it should give you a good idea of what your bartending resume could look like.

How Do I Purchase?

If you click on any of the links above or choose the product you want from the drop down menu below, you’ll be taken to PayPal to complete your purchase. If you don’t have a PayPal account, no worries. You can pay using any credit card or even by bank transfer in some areas (you’ll be given the option after clicking over to PayPal if it’s available in your area).

Bartenders Resume Prices


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Typically, I’ll have your bartenders resume written for you within 3 business days. Sometimes, depending on how busy I am, it could be sooner or slightly longer. Either way, we will be in communication with each other and I will let you know. It will never take longer than 5 business days to complete your order.

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P.P.S – You can go ahead with the bartending resume you currently have, run out and hand out resume after resume. Heck, you could even try that first. But, I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve been the guy handing out bartender resumes and I’ve been the guy receiving bartenders resumes. And, what I’ve learned from both sides of that fence is this:  great bartending resumes get interviews.

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