Bar Tricks Tutorial – Liquid Transfer

Bar Tricks to Make Money – “Liquid Transfer”

[VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Liquid Transfer Bar Trick Tutorial]

Hi there! For this trick we’re gonna need two shooter glasses and two coins – quarters probably be the best – and the shooter glass should be small in the opening because you have to be able to balance the quarters on the side of the glass. One of the shooters have liquid in it while the other one is empty. What you do is first balance the two quarters on the sides of the shooter glass. Okay, and the bet is i bet you that i could take the contents of this glass – the shooter glass – and exchange it or get into this glass (empty one) so the contents of this glass into this glass without actually touching the glass or the liquid contents. So i want this liquid in this shooter glass without actually touching any of the shooter glasses. There’s the bet. How do you do it? Carefully, you place your finger(forefinger) and your thumb on top of the quarters and you’re going to slide the quarters down gripping firmly so that eventually the quarters will be between your forefingers and your thumb pressing against the side of the glass, so that your fingers will not actually be touching the glass. You might have to practice this a couple of times to get it right. So, i’m going to place my thumb and fore finger and slide the quarters down the glass. You want to grip hard. Put the contents in. And there’s your two quarters. You win.


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How to Pour Mixed Drinks – Adding Mix and Garnish

Bartending Basics Video Tutorial

How to Pour Drinks | Bartender Pouring Technique

How to Pour Drinks Part 2 – Bartending Basics:  Adding Mix
and Garnish

[Video Transcript] How to Pour Drinks – Adding Mix & Garnish

We do the next one with full mix and ah, the garnish. So again, two glasses. I’m gonna say we have here a vodka water and a vodka cranberry – ok, vodka water, vodka cran. So i grab my shot glasses with one hand. You always want to use two hands. Ok, at all times two hands are doing something.

Ok, so i’m grabbing my shot glass and i’m actually gonna try, we’ll get a little flip going. Ok but, just grab it and turn over at the same time you’re grabbing your bottle from your well. And you’re bringing it up. So 45 degree angle. Cut. Pour in. Again 45 degree angle. Cut. Pour in.

Put them both (bottle & shot glass) down. Now I want to grab my [soda] gun. See I have my water on it. Ok, so my gun… but I want to use both hands here instead of crossing over but I’m gonna go water and cranberry. At the same time with my other hand I’m going to grab straws. This [station] is more set up for a left-handed bartender. So first one [drink] is water.

I’m watching, I’m grabbing two straws with my other hand. Ok and the next one is cranberry and I put two straws in. Ok so, I picked up both straws(Click Here to check this product in our barstore) from the container. I split them, put them both in at the same time.pouring mixed drinks - adding mix and garnish

Ok, as I put the gun down, now I’m going to grab the fruit. Ok so, I want to use these two different fruit here and I’ll just show you a lemon and a lime. A vodka cranberry can be garnished with lemon, can be garnished with a lime or sometimes un-garnished. Ok, vodka water, anything light-colored can be garnished with a lemon.

So vodka water, i will put the lemon. And I’m going to split with my fingers, as I bring this up [the lime wedge], it has a slice here, which I show you how to do in another video. It has a slice here, so I’m going to spread it as I’m bringing it up so that I can put it directly on the glass.

Ok, and then touching the bottom of the glass. Do not touch the area where people drink. Ok, do not touch this area with your hands. The bottom of the glass, pick it up and serve it to the customers. Ok, so that’s the full presentation. You probably have some napkins or coasters, this is just a service bar here.

If you haven’t seen the first one, watch HOW TO POUR DRINKS part 1 HERE

How to Make Sangria in a Pumpkin Keg

Using a Pumpkin as a Keg for White and Red Wine Sangria

Using a pumpkin as a keg is a great way to add some fun to your next get together.  And making sangria in a pumpkin is just one of the many beverages that you can choose to put into your pumpkin once you’ve tapped it.

Other than whatever booze or non-alcoholic beverage you plan on putting into your pumpkin keg, you’ll need the following materials to make a keg out of a pumpkin:

  •          a decent sized pumpkin
  •          spigot
  •          some type of bucket (which the pumpkin will be placed on for serving purposes)
  •          a knife with a blade narrower than the threads of the spigot
  •          spoon to dig out the insides of the pumpkin

Now that you’ve picked your pumpkin and have all the needed materials, let’s get into the step by step process of making a pumpkin into a keg.

How to Make a Pumpkin Keg

  1. Find a suitable sized pumpkin.   Get a pumpkin that will hold enough liquid to serve the amount of people you plan on having at your shindig.
  2. Clean the pumpkin – as you’ll be using the pumpkin as a serving vessel, you’ll want to wash off the outside of the pumpkin.
  3. Cut out the top – you need to be able to get your hands in there and clean the guts of the pumpkin and all the seeds out so make sure that the hole that you cut on top of your pumpkin is at least 6 inches wide.  NOTE: When you’re cutting the top, make sure that you’re cutting at a 45 degree angle pointing in towards the centre of the pumpkin.  You have to cut on an angle so that the lid of the pumpkin doesn’t fall in on itself.
  4. Once you’ve cleaned out the insides of your pumpkin, it’s time to cut the hole for your spigot.  Place your pumpkin on whatever bucket or holder you have and look for the flattest surface closest to where the pumpkin meets the opening of the bucket.  Once you’ve got your spot, bore a hole through the pumpkin with your knife by spinning it while gently pushing the knife in.  Once you’ve made it through, clear out any extra pumpkin flesh or skin that may be lodged in your newly created hole.
  5. Now screw in the spigot.  Press the threaded end of the spigot hard into the hole you just created and start turning clockwise until the thread catches.  Keep turning until its tight and then turn it until the opening of the tap is facing the ground.
  6. All that’s left now is to add the booze!


[Video Tutorial] How to Make White / Red Wine Sangria in a Pumpkin


Pumpkin Keg White Wine Sangria Recipe

So now we have our pumpkin all tapped and ready to go and all we need to add are the ingredients for our white wine sangria.

White Wine Sangria Recipered wine sangria pumpkin

  • bottle of white wine (we used Moscato in the video)
  • litre of orange juice
  • can of club soda
  • 4 oz vodka (or rum)
  • fruit of your choosing (we used 1 apple, a orange, 1 lemon and frozen blackberries)
  • frozen berries or ice cubes

When you’re making sangria, there are so many variations of recipes out there.  You can use either white or red wine to make sangria and you can use whatever type of fruit you’d like.  And really, the type of juice you add is up to you as well.  There are recipes that call for the addition of other juices like apple or cranberry juice or lime bar mix – as well as other alcohols such as rum or triple sec.

In the end, sangria recipes contain wine, juice and fruit – and usually the addition of some other type of liqueur like triple sec or cointreau.  Use the red and white wine sangria recipe above and tweak it until you find something you really liked – we really liked the recipe above 😉

If you liked the video tutorial on how to make a pumpkin keg sangria, leave us a comment and let us know.  If you’ve tried this yourself, post about it on our Facebook page.


Best Bloody Caesar Ever


This is my personal recipe for the Bloody Caesars I make for myself and guests while entertaining at home. This is the Best Caesar Ever!

The combination of the muddled basil and jalapeno really take the taste of this bloody caesar cocktail to the next level.

Best Caesar Cocktail Recipe:

  • Vodka
  • Fresh Basil
  • Jalapeno Pepper
  • Salt, Pepper
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Hot Sauce (Tobasco or something similar)
  • Celery Salt (for rimming)
  • Crispy strip of Bacon (for garnish)
  • Lime Wedge (for garnish)

If you want to spice things up even more, add a little horseradish to your caesar drink.


Jalapeno Bacon Basil Caesar | Best Caesar Drink Recipe Ever Video Tutorial



[Transcript] Jalapeno Bacon Basil Caesar | Best Caesar Drink Recipe Ever!

Hey there, Reese Richards from Today we’re going to do, not just a Caesar, but the best Caesar you have ever had in your life. All right, so we’re going to start off with a Collins glass. We’re going to have to rim the glass. So, I’m just going to take my lime… ok… and gently go around the edge of the glass here. Nice little rim… ok? And some ice… Ok, nice and full of ice. Ok. So now our alcohol. Just vodka for this puppy. One ounce. Ok? And the uh…really traditional stuff is the salt and pepper, the Lea and Perrins, the tabasco sauce, but we’re going to add a little bit of extra flavour today, ok?Best Bloody Caesar Ever

So, to do that we’re going to, uh, muddle some, uh, basil. Ok? So we’re just going to add some basil leaves in here and, for a little bit of spice… some jalapeno. So, I just took a couple of slices of jalapeno, ok? And I’ll put it in there, and I’m going to muddle the hell out of these things. Ok? We’re just releasing the oils and the juices… ok? I like to get the stuff off the muddler, so I’m going to pour a little bit in here and swirl it around a bit. Now, the regular Lea and Perrins. A little bit of that, there… some tabasco or Louisiana. A couple of drops. Not too much, because you have the jalapeno pepper in there, right? So, it’s already going to be a little spicy. Some pepper. A little bit of salt. Now, our little mixture here, with our jalapeno and our basil in there, and we’ll top this puppy up.

Now, you might say: “That sir, is a fine cocktail.” But, uh, let me ask you this: What would make that better? What do you think? Oh, I don’t know. Bacon? Some bacon maybe? Oh yeah! Hells yeah! A little slice of the old bacon? Look at that, then! Oh, she’s a pretty one. Oh, there, look! Nice. And then we’ll garnish her off with a lime. Ooh. And there you have it. The best Caesar you will ever drink in your life.


If you liked the video and agree that this is the best caesar drink recipe ever, let us know.



Balance Forks on Toothpick Bar Trick

Cool Bar Trick – Balance Forks on Toothpick

The balance forks on toothpick bar trick is seriously one of the best bar tricks out there.  Not only can anyone learn it but it’s actually pretty easy to learn and perform once you know how.

THE BET: What you are going to attempt to do is to balance either two forks or a fork and spoon on a toothpick which is itself balanced on the rim of a glass.

And if you want to take it a step further – like we do in the video – add some fire to the mix.  Light the toothpicks on fire to burn them down to the edge.

1:40 – The part about lighting the toothpick on fire is just for showmanship at the end – but it IS very effective.



[Transcript] Best Bar Trick Ever – Balance Forks on Toothpick | Bets To Do With Toothpicks

Hey, Reese Richards here, from with another bar trick to floor you. Ok, for this bar trick, all you need is a fork and a spoon, a glass, and a toothpick. Pretty much any of the pointy toothpicks, or the ones with the end and one point is ok. So, your bet is that you can balance the fork and the spoon, using the toothpick, on the edge of the glass. Ok, you can balance them on the edge of the glass. So, how do you do this? You take the spoon and you intertwine it into the tines of the fork. So, into the middle two tines. Ok, so you want to press it in here, and down a little bit, so you have the two tines here in the middle- the middle two tines- and on the outside here.
Ok? And then, we’re going to take our toothpick, and we’re going to put it on the inside of the middle, right close to the spoon, ok? The middle, close to the spoon… the middle tine. And then you just have to find the right spot on the glass and you should be able to balance it on the toothpick.

But! We’re not going to stop there! So, now that it’s balanced on the toothpick, we’re going to take it a step further. So, if that’s not amazing enough, we’re going to burn the edge of the toothpick on this side. So, make sure it’s steady, and then just light the end of the toothpick. Ok? Don’t worry about the flame, it will burn all the way down, and it should stop when it gets to the glass. Oh, not quite… we can go further than that. Ok, I want to burn the entire edge of that toothpick off. We’re close. We’re almost at the edge. I’d say that’s right about the edge, so that toothpick- right now- is balanced… looks like it’s defying gravity… it’s balanced right on the edge of that glass, and there’s no toothpick left on the other side. Ok?

So, there’s the bar trick. That’s our bar trick for today: balancing the spoon and the fork on a toothpick… on half a toothpick!

My name’s Reese Richards, thanks a lot!


Bar Novelties Increase the Fun Factor

Incorporating Bar Novelty Items for a Bigger WOW Factor

If you’re running bar events and promotions (like every bar should be), don’t overlook the use of bar novelties to increase customer participation, engagement, enjoyment and the overall fun factor. In a previous post about how to ensure your events are successful, we talked about making sure everyone who comes out to your bar event has a good time – even if it’s only a handful of people!  A great way to do this is by having bar novelties on hand to incorporate into the event itself or to use as giveaways or prizes.

Jello Shot Injectors – Jello syringes or jello shot injectors are a great way to bring some tasty fun into your club or bar promotion.  Because jello shooters are generally made with less than 1.5oz of alcohol in each 1.5oz syringe, the profit margins are higher than on regular shooters – and they are way more fun for the customers.  The syringes are also reusable so you can run them through the dishwasher and use them night after night.

Jello Injector Accessories – If you plan on incorporating jello injectors into your bar promotion, make sure you pick up a jello shot syringe display rack otherwise things start to get messy.

Glow Sticks / Glow Bracelets / Glow in the Dark Necklaces – bar novelties - glow braceletsEveryone loves glow in the dark stuff!  Use glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces for events such as a Stoplight Party where everyone who comes in gets a green, yellow or red glow in the dark necklace glow stick or glow in the dark bracelet.

Beer Pong Frozen Rack – bar novelties beer pong gameBeer pong is an iconic drinking game that is known throughout colleges around the world.  Some states / countries are a little more strict than others when it comes to playing drinking games in a bar.  If the law is on your side, beer pong games can be a big draw and competitions keep people in your bar for longer.

These beer pong racks are freezable so you can keep your beer chilled while you’re playing!

Shooter Paddles / Paddle Shots bar novelties paddle shot boardShooter Paddles or Paddle Shotz Boards are 60 inch boards with holes for shot glasses spaced 10″ apart.  It’s a fun way for a group of people to do shots together.  You can hang these shooter paddles on your bars’ walls and they would essentially advertise themselves.  Use these as a special bar promo during big bar events or add this to the menu and keep the shots going out year round!

Alcohol Shotgun bar novelties - alcohol shotgunAlcohol and guns.  In normal circumstances we’d never recommend the two be combined.  Unless we’re talking about the alcohol shotgun!  This cool little bar novelty item holds 1.5oz of your favourite liquor.  Give it to your cocktail waitresses during bar events as a novel way for customers to take shots.

Russian Roulette Revolver bar novelties - russian roulette shooter revolverFrom alcohol shotguns straight into alcohol filled six shooters.  These Russian Roulette Revolvers take the whole death thing out of the game.  When tables order shots in your bar, have the server bring them over these Russian Roulette Revolvers along with their shots. There’s one shot in the chamber, who’s it going to be?

Plastic Penis Shooter Cups bar novelties - penis shot glassesThese plastic penis shooter cups aren’t for everyone but they’re perfect for certain types of events like bachelorette parties (and as gag shots for the most manly of men).

Spin the Shot bar novelties - spin the shot– Remember Spin the Bottle?  Well this is the grown-up version.  Spin the Shot is a cool little drinking game or drinking apparatus that turns taking shots into a spin-the-bottle type game.  Use this little shot spinning game as a warm up drinking game before the main event during your next bar promotion.


Bar Event Novelty Items for Giveaways

During every bar event or bar promotion, you should always have items to give away to the people who attend your event.  These giveaway items need to be cool and memorable so that your guests remember your event and your bar the next time they’re deciding where in town to go. You don’t have to buy all the items for your giveaways – talk to your liquor, beer and wine reps to see what you can get from them in the way of sponsorship items.

Candoms Beer Can Chillers – bar novelties - candoms beer chillerEveryone loves to keep their beer cold – but no one likes to lug around those foam can coolers.  Here’s the solution – a can cooler that rolls up over the can and then rolls back into a (condom looking) ring that you can easily carry in your pocket.

Flask Ties – bar novelties tie flaskThis is one cool bar gift!  These flask ties hold up to 8oz of booze and are available in different colors and styles.  They are clip on ties so you don’t have to worry about need to know how to tie a tie.

bar novelties - big bobber

Big Bobber Floating Cooler – Both cool and useful, the big bobber floating cooler comes in super handy in the pool, at the beach or on the lake.  This beauty holds up to 12 ice cold cans of your favourite beverage.

Hanging Shot Glass – bar novelties - hanging shot glassesHanging shot glasses are pretty much just a plastic shot glass with a piece of string run through it so that you can hang it around your neck and have a shot glass ready and waiting.

These are great for bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries etc – anything where there’s bound to be a lot of shots going down.

bar novelties - how drunk glass coaster set

How Drunk Glass Coaster Set – This humorous little bar novelty item makes for a great door gift.  These glass coasters contain funny definitions of just how drunk you are.  6 coasters in all: Sober, Tipsy, Plastered, Drunk, Wasted and Hungover.

Remember that you want your event to stand out in people’s minds.  There is a lot of choice these days for where people can go and spend their money. Give people a reason to come out to your bar events and make sure they have a blast while they’re there.

Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

Bloody Mary Drink Recipe Tutorial

The bloody mary drink, whose exact origins are disputed, has a long and colorful past. Some say it was invented in Paris in the 1920s while others proclaim that the bloody mary cocktail was indeed invented in America in the 1930s.

And the name itself – did Bloody Mary refer to Mary Pickford, the actress, a Chicago waitress named Mary or Queen Mary I of England?bloody mary drink recipe

Whoever invented today’s version of the bloody mary drink recipe gets our congrats (although I’d prefer a Caesar). The bloody mary drink has earned a bit of a reputation as a good hangover cure – due primarily to the antioxidant properties of tomatoes.

The bloody mary is a great cocktail to have during Sunday brunch – it’s not going to make you gag like whatever you were drinking the night before and it may just help with that Saturday night hangover.

Bloody Mary recipe variations – as with most cocktail recipes, there are many variations on the bloody mary drink ingredients.

The basic version is what you see in this bloody mary tutorial. Some variations in garnish are: dill pickle, olives, carrot stick,pickled asparagus spear,spicy bean

Other bloody mary variations include adding: piri piri sauce, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, horseradish, pickle juice, steak sauce, beef broth



[Transcript] How to Make a Bloody Mary | Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

Hey there, Reese Richards from All right, today we’re going to do a Bloody Mary cocktail. A Bloody Mary. So, first we have our Collins glass. Any kind of cocktail glass will do. We’re going to rim the glass. So, to do that, I just have a little lime…. I’m going to wet the edge here with the lime, and then, uh, we’re using regular salt. Ok? Just the regular salt. Add your ice. Ok? And, uh, straight vodka…one ounce. And then we’re going to spice her up. A couple of dashes of Louisiana Hot Sauce, or Tabasco sauce. Some salt and pepper. Classy, eh? With the grinder? And some Worcestershire, and, uh, Heinz tomato juice. Ok? And we’re going to give that a little lime. Lime, for our garnish. Our straw, and a nice little Extreme Bean spicy little bean. And there you go, your Bloody Mary.

Simple & Fun Drinking Game: Pick Up Sticks

Cool Drinking Games: Pick Up Sticks | Fun Drinking Games

A bit of a funny drinking game, Pick Up Sticks is a cool drinking game you can play while you’re building up your buzz at the club. The only thing you need to play this bar drinking game is a bunch of toothpicks which you should be able to get from the bartender / server.
This is primarily a 2 person drinking game and is really just something to do to pass the time.

Cool Drinking Games: Pick Up Sticks | Fun Drinking Games [Transcript]

Hey there, Reese Richards from! So, today we’ve got a little bar game, ok? A drinking game. So, uh… picture this: you’re sitting at the pub, you know, and you’re just kind of getting started with the night, and, uh, you and your mate, you’re just kind of drinking and kind of watching the people come in. So here’s something you can do… a really simple game that you can do, just to have some fun, pass the time, and get some drinks down. So, just go to the bar and get fifteen toothpicks, ok? If they don’t have toothpicks, you can get matches if they have matches.
So, fifteen toothpicks or matches, ok? And all you do is you scatter them out in front of you on the table and, very simply, one person starts… they’re able to take either one, two, or three toothpicks at a time. Ok? One, two or three toothpicks at a time. So, first person starts, takes one or two or three toothpicks. The next person, same thing. And then the person that takes the last toothpick is the loser, and that person drinks. So, you know, one person takes two, I take three, my buddy takes one, I take two, he takes two, I take one, he takes three… I lose. Ok? I take the last toothpick, so I lose, and I do a shot or take a drink of my beer, or sip… ok? So, very simple game. Fifteen toothpicks… something that you can do when you are just starting out the night at the club.

Free Pouring Using Bartender Pour Count System

How to Free Pour Using One One-Thousand Pour Count System

Free pouring means pouring alcohol or mixing drinks without using any type of measuring device. As a bar consultant, I would never recommend bartenders not to use some type of measuring device however it is still an essential skill for every bartender to know.

There are times when you’re going to need to use the bartending pour count free pouring technique and you can’t always rely on a shot glass or jigger to tell you how much an ounce to free pour using a count system

Learn how to freepour using the 1-1000 count system. If your bar doesn’t use a jigger, shot glass or other measuring device, you still need to know how much to pour each and every time. Learning how to free pour a shot is an essential skill for any bartender to learn.


[Transcript] Free Pouring Using Bartender Pour Count System | How to Free Pour

Hey there, Reese Richards from! All right, so we’ve already done a video on what is a jigger, and how to pour, so in this video, we’re going to show you how to free pour, ok, but using a count system. The most popular count system is a one/one thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand system…. one one/ thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand. So. You want to use a count system in your free pouring in your bar, and you want to make sure that you have the metal pour spouts, ok, because the plastic ones they pour at a different rate. So, all the metal ones tend to pour at the same rate. Ok?

So, what we’re doing here is we have a shot glass, ok? And this measures out millilitres on one side and ounces on the other. And we have a half ounce, an ounce, and an ounce and a half. Ok? So, I’m going to show you, using the count system.. .and we’ll pour into the shot glass so that you can see where the measurement is. So, we’re going to come up at a forty-five degree angle into the shot glass, and when we stop we’re going to turn our wrist to cut, ok? We don’t want to just back off, because it will trail out some liquid. So, we want to turn our wrists to cut when we stop pouring, ok?

So, let’s get a shot here. So, we’re going to count now… as soon as it starts, we’re going to count one/ one thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand, ok? So. One/one thousand, two/ one thousand, three /one thousand, and cut! Ok? So, we’re right on the ounce line, ok? Right on the ounce line. And again, we go up and one/one thousand, two/ one thousand, three/one thousand, and I cut. I had to spit the other thousand out there a little faster so I can tell you “cut!” at the same time, so… So, uh, I’ll do it without this again… we’re right on the ounce here. And, uh, if you want to do an ounce and a half, you’ll go up to four, but don’t include the thousand, ok? So one/one thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand, four, and I won’t say “cut” because if I say cut then I’m going to over- pour on myself.

Ok, so I’ll stop and I’ll do an ounce and a half here. So again, we’re up at a forty five degree angle, and one/one thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand four, and then I cut. Cut, ok? So, we’re right on the ounce and a half line here, ok? Exact ounce and a half. And you want to practice this at home, and just keep… uh… this is a bottle of water. Obviously, it’s not Bacardi here, so just use a bottle of water, and you can keep on practicing and practicing. Ok? And, uh, to see how accurate you are, after you are finished using the shot glass or the measuring shot glass, what you want to do now is empty out your glass, ok? And then try it into your glass as if you were free pouring at work. So, again, whether it’s an ounce or an ounce and a half… I prefer to use an ounce, so I count to three one thousands. Ok? So, one/one thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand. Stop, ok? And now you want to see how accurate that is, so you want to measure your pours back.

So let’s pour this back into our measuring shot glass, and we’ll see how accurate we are. Ok? And in this case the line is just above an ounce, ok? So, it was a tad above an ounce. So, keep practicing that. There’s some liquid in the glass still… anyway, keep practicing that, and you should be within like a tenth of an ounce. Ok? Uh, again, one/one thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand, and just measure… keep on doing it until you measure exactly how fast you have to go for. And, uh, if you work at a bar that has jiggers.. ok, we have one ounce here, one and a half on the other side… so, again, we’re doing one/one thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand, stop. Ok? A full ounce. And then the other side… one/one thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand, four. Ok? Stop. A full ounce and a half.

Ok, so practice on your own. Put it into the cup, measure it back into a measuring shot glass or a jigger if you have it, and that’s how you do the one/one thousand, two/one thousand, three/one thousand pouring count.

Bar Tricks Tutorial: BIG BOX bar trick revealed

Learn The BIG BOX Bar Trick

BIG BOX bar trick revealed. This might not be the best bar trick you’ve ever seen but it will get you to thinking. Learn big box bar trick for a simple and fun trick you can use anywhere where you can find a bunch of toothpicks or cocktail straws.

Bar Tricks Revealed – BIG BOX Bar Trick Tutorial [Transcript]

Hey there, Reese Richards from with another bar bet. Forewarned, this one’s a little bit cheesy.

Ok, so you have eleven toothpicks or eleven matches and you want them laid out like this… so, you have two squares and then three individual toothpicks or matches, ok? Two squares, three individual toothpicks or matches. And, the bet is… I bet you that you can’t make a big box… a big box, ok?… moving only two of the toothpicks. Ok? A big box moving only two of the toothpicks.

So, let the person try and see what they can do, moving the toothpicks around and around. Ok? And then when they’re giving up, give them a solution. Here it is. I said it was cheesy, ok? Two toothpicks. The first one… the second one.. a big box. You get it? A big “box”! All right, I said it was kind of lame. But, it’s good for a beer for sure.

COOL Match Tricks | Floating Match Head Pub Trick

COOL Match Tricks | Floating Match Head Pub Trick

Here’s a bartender magic trick you can pull out at anytime – the floating match head bar trick. This cool match trick is pretty easy to perform – if you have a large thumb!floating match head bar trick

To perform the floating match head pub trick, you’ll need an empty see-through beer bottle filled almost to the top with water as well as some wooden matches.

The Bet: Can you get the match head to sink to the bottom of the bottle without turning the bottle upside down (or using any other materials to shove it down)?

The trick to this pub trick is that you need a fairly large thumb. Your thumb has to completely cover the top of the bottle so that it’s air tight. If your thumb is too small – like mine in this video – it makes it tough to force the air down and thereby force the match head to the bottom.

Practise this bartender magic trick before going out and betting someone. As you can see from the video, it’s not as easy as it may seem at first.

Try it with a single match head and then you can graduate to putting in three match heads and having them float at different intervals in the bottle (i.e top, middle, bottom).


[transcript] COOL Match Tricks | Floating Match Head Pub Trick

Hey there, Reese Richards from, with another bar trick tutorial. In this bar trick, you need a clean beer bottle, just full of water. We just peeled off the label here, so you can, uh, see… and there’s two match heads… so, wooden match heads. Ok, just tear off the match heads and put them inside. So, the bet is: can you make the match heads sink? Ok? So, the match heads are made from wood. Ok? They’re floating. Can you make them sink? Right! So, to do this, you need to completely cover the top, ok, with your thumb, and you need to push the air into the bottle. Ok? There goes one. Come back up. Go, other match! Ok, one. Ok? Did I say two needed to go down? Did I say that? I don’t know, did we mention two? Why did I put two in there? Why didn’t I just go with one? Why did I get over-zealous, you know? Ok, make the one match head sink to the bottom. Right? You know? Just make that one go down. There you go! You know? Why do you need to put two in there, you don’t have to be “big time”, ok big shot? Just make do it! There you go! Ok? Pretty cool nonetheless though, yeah? Good bar trick tutorial. Cheers!

How to Make Buttery Nipple Shot | Buttery Nipple Recipe

How to Make Buttery Nipple Shot | Buttery Nipple Recipe

buttery nipple shooter
The Buttery Nipple Shot is the perfect “girlie” shooter as it’s sweet and tasty. Learn the buttery nipple recipe in this drink video tutorial. The buttery nipple shooter is the same as the Bit O Honey shot except with the addition of grenadine.

Buttery Nipple Recipe:
1/2 Butterscotch Schnapps
1/2 Irish Cream
Drop of Grenadine

When you’re learning how to make the buttery nipple shot, don’t forget to pour the butterscotch first and then layer the Irish cream on top of the butterscotch. Use a spoon to help with the layering.

When adding your grenadine, make sure that you have a pour spout on it. As you can see in the video, there is no pour spout on the grenadine (as I’m shooting at my home bar) so it pours rather quickly.

If you’re looking to learn a new shot to order the next time you’re out clubbing, you can’t go wrong with the Buttery Nipple Shot.


[transcript] How to Make Buttery Nipple Shot Video Tutorial


Hey there, Reese Richards from Today, we’re going to do a shot. A shot recipe, and, uh, the shot is called a Buttery Nipple. So, uh, the only difference between a Nipple Honey and a Buttery Nipple is the addition of a couple shots or a couple of drops of grenadine. So, we’re going to layer the shot and we’ll start off with half of butterscotch ripple. And then, uh, Irish Cream… Bailey’s or Carolan’s, and, uh, to layer… we’re going to use a spoon, and we’re going to put the spoon on the inside of the shot glass, and then slowly pour on top of the spoon. Ok? And then, a couple of drops of the grenadine for the, uh, nipple. And there you have it. It looks more like a brain hemorrhage, but it’s a Buttery Nipple.

Blue Lagoon Drink | How to Make a Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Blue Lagoon Drink Video Tutorial

blue lagoon cocktail recipe

The Blue Lagoon Drink is one of the more popular of the “beach cocktails” – the type of cocktail you’d order if you were sitting on a tropical island and when they brought it to you, it’d have a little umbrella 🙂

Learning how to make the blue lagoon cocktail is not difficult. This cocktail recipe only has four ingredients.

Blue Lagoon Drink Recipe:
1oz Vodka
1/2oz Blue Curacao
Lime Bar Mix
Sprite / 7up

Pretty much anything made with blue curacao – an orange flavored, blue colored liqueur – looks cool because of the intensity of the blue from the blue curacao.

Mix up a batch of blue lagoon drinks next time you’re having guests over for a BBQ.



[transcript] Blue Lagoon Drink | How to Make Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Hey there, Reese Richards from So, today, we’re going to do a cocktail recipe, and the cocktail is the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon cocktail. So, the Blue Lagoon, uh… pretty simple, straightforward. Vodka, blue curacao, lime bar mix/ margarita mix/ sweet and sour mix, and sprite or some soda. Ok, so, fill a glass with ice, our Collins glass… and, uh, we’re going to do 3/4 of an ounce of each…Vodka, and 3/4 of an ounce of the blue curacao.

Ok, we’ll fill it up with lime bar mix, and then top it with Sprite, and you garnish with a lime. A nice little straw… and a sliced lime would be good. One that was already sliced, maybe. You know? That would just sit perfectly on the side of the glass. Look at that! Isn’t that beautiful. Ok, there you go. Your Blue Lagoon.


Holy Water Drink Recipe

Holy Water Cocktail Recipe Video Tutorial


[Video Transcript for Holy Water Cocktail]
Hey there, Reese Richards from Today, we’re going to do a little cocktail. This one’s called Holy Water. So, this is a Porn Star shot, with Sprite added in. So, with a Porn Star you just make with Red Sours… Raspberry Sours… and Blue Curacao, and for the Holy Water, we add Sprite. Ok? So it’s just going to be a half ounce of, uh, each. And I’m making two for the crew here. Spilling all over the place.

It’s a home bar, it doesn’t matter. Don’t do this at work. Whoo, it’s so pretty. Ain’t she pretty? Will you look at that? All right? And there you have it. A couple of straws. If I had a couple of straws… straws around here. Straws! Str…..tadaa! Straws! There we go. There we go. A couple of Holy Waters.

The Great Canadian Beer Festival – Victoria BC – 2014

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GCBF 2014 – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

In its 22nd year, the Great Canadian Beer Festival (GCBF) held in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada brings together the very best of North American craft breweries showcasing some of the country’s best craft beers.

With 58 beer booths, there was definitely something for everyone.

If it’s your first time on the beer festival grounds, the first thing you’d likely notice is how well everything has been organized and set up. One of the biggest disappointments for large scale events like this is the usual lack of organization which tends to lead to such things as: running out of water, food or other product, not having enough staff, not enough porta potties, not enough / no security etc.

It was obvious that the people behind the GCBF have been tweaking things year after year and, after 22 years they’ve got everything down pat.  With upwards of 1000 volunteers and over 10,000 beer lovers in attendance at the 2014 Great Canadian Beer Festival, you couldn’t have asked for a better time – beautiful weather, beautiful people and great tasting brews.  What more could you ask for?

GCBF muskoka

GCBF surprise im drunk

Don’t miss next years 2015 Great Canadian Beer Festival!

How to Chill Wine Fast | How to Quickly Chill Wine

Looking to Chill Wine or Beer Fast?
Here’s How…

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve run into a situation where you needed to learn how to quickly chill wine or you wanted to chill beer fast. For us, it happened after bringing home 3 batches of wine we had just made at our local wine making establishment, Blanshard Street Winery. After a week in a closet at our place, the whites were (somewhat) ready to consume so we took one out of the box and, without any advance foresight, decided we needed to chill it right now so that we can consume it with our dinner.

chill white wineHence why we are here: to learn how to chill white wine (or red wine if that’s your thing) or chill beer quickly.

How to Quickly Chill Wine

1. Wet a paper towel (or napkin) with cold water and wrap it around the bottle of white wine.
2. Once the entire body of the bottle of white wine is covered with the cold, wet paper towel, place the bottle in the freezer.
3. Pull the bottle out after 2-4min (time depends on the temperature of the water, the freezer etc) and enjoy chilled white wine.   It’s really that simple.
how to quickly chill wine

Don’t bother just putting your bottle of white wine or bottle of beer in the freezer – that’s going to take hours to chill. On top of that, it’s only a matter of time until you forget the bottle in the freezer and find it shattered in your freezer the next morning.  Come on, we’ve all been there.

Save yourself the grief…and loss of alcohol!

If you have paper towel or any type of napkin, grab it and wet it.  Then stick it on whatever bottle you want to chill – a bottle of beer or a bottle of wine – put it in the freezer and you’re golden. Chilled beer or wine in less than 3 min.

This method of quickly chilling wine or beer works wonders – especially because it’s not quite long enough for you to forget it in the freezer!

If you learned something, SHARE the LOVE.


How to Open a Beer Bottle with a Lighter

Beer Bottle Opening Tricks – How to Open a Beer Bottle with a Lighter Bar Trick Tutorial

How to Open a Beer Bottle with a Lighter [transcript]
You want to… you want to create a fulcrum so that you catch it and pop it off. So just catch it there.  And it’s one quick fluid motion now, catching under the lid.

Being able to pop off the bottle cap with a lighter just takes some practice.  You may find that it hurts your hand but if you create the right angle on the fulcrum, this shouldn’t be the case.

Once you get old enough to drink, it’s almost a required skill to be able to open a beer bottle with a lighter – or any other object.

You can even open a beer bottle with a plain ol’ piece of paper – no kidding!

Bar Tricks Revealed: Big Box Bar Trick

Bar Tricks Revealed – BIG BOX Bar Trick Tutorial



BIG BOX Bar Trick Tutorial [transcript]

Hey there, Reese Richards from with another bar bet.

Forewarned, this one’s a little bit cheesy.

Ok, so you have eleven toothpicks or eleven matches and you want them laid out like this: so you have two squares and then three individual toothpicks or matches, ok?

Two squares, three individual toothpicks or matches. And, the bet is…

I bet you that you can’t make a big box… a big box, ok?… moving only two of the toothpicks. Ok?

A big box moving only two of the toothpicks. Ok? So, let the person try and see what they can do, moving the toothpicks around and around.

Ok? And then when they’re giving up, give them a solution. Here it is. I said it was cheesy, ok? Two toothpicks.  The first one… the second one.. a big box. You get it?  A big “box”!

All right, I said it was kind of lame. But, it’s good for a beer for sure.


Click here to watch more bar tricks 

Bar Humor

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Bar Humor from Around the World (Wide Web)

We’ve been doing this bartending thing for a pretty long time and over the years, we’ve come across some pretty funny bartending shit.   Some of the bar humor that we come across are bartending memes, user generated ecards, bar jokes, funny bar signs and even some bar artwork.

We keep on adding to this list of funny bar stuff so make sure you check back often.


The best of BarsandBartending’s Bar Humor Bar Humour

St Patricks Day Activities

St Patricks Day Activities
to Bring Em In and Keep Em There This St Paddy’s Day


St Patricks Day activities are essential no matter what type of St Paddy’s Day party you’re planning.  If you want your bar to be in on the Paddy’s Day crowd, you’ll need to do more than just add a couple drops of green food coloring to your beer.

Below is a St Patricks Day poster for an event I ran a couple years back.  Take a good look at the poster to get ideas for not just St Patricks Day drink recipes but also food and entertainment specials.

st patricks day activities

As you can see from the St Paddy’s Day poster, in addition to food and drink specials, we had lots for people to do as well.  Since the party usually gets started during the afternoon on St. Patricks Day, you’ll need to make sure that there is enough entertainment to keep your patrons from straying elsewhere.

One of the things you can do to get people through your doors is to reward them for coming.  Here are a couple of ways you can do this:

  1. Trade in your Ticket for a Free Jello Shot – since we were using smaller versions of the poster as handouts and tickets for the event (it was free to get in), we wanted people to hold on to the ticket so that they could compare what we had happening at our place to whatever else was going on in the city (knowing, of course, that you’re putting on the best St Patty’s Day event in town), leading up to P-day.
  2. Wear Green for a free Jello Shot – whether it’s a shooter, cocktail, mixed drink or appetizer, give something away to patrons who get into the festive spirit and wear green to your event.  These are the people you want at your bar so give them a reason to dress up and reward them for it.


Ok, now that you have people through your doors, let’s look at some St Patricks Day activities you can incorporate into your St Patty’s Day events.


  • Irish Music – One of the first things your patrons are going to notice about your St Patricks Day event is the music.  It’s an Irish holiday so make sure you have Irish tunes playing.  Make sure you stick to the more upbeat, drinking song type music.
  • Face Painting – We’re not talking about unicorns and ice cream cones here.  Have one of your bar staff paint shamrocks on people’s faces.  If you have someone artistic on staff, you can have get a little more creative.  Since face painting crayons aren’t very expensive, you can even take this a step further and put a green face paint crayon on every other table so that your customers could draw on their friends’ faces.
  • Create a Limerick – This adds a nice break in the middle of what will turn out to be a very long night.  Throughout the day as people come and go, have them submit a Limerick about St Patricks Day.  Print out the definition of a Limerick on a piece of paper with blank lines for the Limerick itself and hand them out to people as they come in.  Guests can make up their own Limerick and later in the evening you can read the best ones out to the crowd and choose a winner based on applause.
  • Balloon Drop – Since I had worked out a deal with a travel agency in advance, I was able to get free tickets to Las Vegas as the main giveaway for the event.  To make the giveaway more entertaining, we decided to do a balloon drop where people had to burst balloons and find out which ones contained prizes (simply pieces of paper stating what the prize is).  Prizes consisted of free drinks, appetizers, “skip the line” passes for Fri/Sat nights, beer gear etc.
  • Jello Syringes – Although jello shots and jello syringes may seem more like St Patricks Day drinks rather than St Patty’s Day activities, the reality is that doing jello shots IS entertainment and therefore qualifies as an activity – especially doing jello shot syringes.Jello shots are cheaper than regular shots and a lot more fun for your guests to do.  But you do have to prepare them in advance.  Make sure you check out how to make jello shots and for a tasty green jello shot recipe, take a look at the Liquid Marijuana jello shot recipe at the bottom of the page.



Although this next point, staff involvement, is not a St Patricks Day activity per se, it’s of the utmost importance that your staff are on board with the promotion.

There’s nothing worse than getting dressed up for St Patty’s Day and getting to the bar only to find out that, not only are you the only guest that’s dressed up but none of the bar staff are in costume either.

Much of the success of your event has to do with how committed the venue and staff are to the event.  Make sure your staff all wear green and are pushing the event weeks prior.


St Patricks Day comes but once a year.  But when it does, watch out! It can be one of the busiest days of the year for many bars, pubs and clubs.  Make sure that you’re prepared, have enough stock and your staff knows the food and drink specials as well as what the entertainment is for the day.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you stop by our St Patricks Day drinks recipes page.


If you know of any other great St Patricks Day activities, please share them with our readers by leaving a comment below.

St Patricks Day Drinks

Looking for Some Cool St Patricks Day Drinks Recipes?


If you’re going to throw a St Patrick’s Day party this year, you’re going to need some St Patricks Day drinks for the occasion.
st patricks day drinks
What is St Patricks Day?  It’s an Irish cultural and religious holiday celebrated around the world each year on March 17.  St Patty’s Day celebrations commonly include parades, copious amounts of liquor and food as well as the wearing of shamrocks and other green attire.

Since St Patricks Day is an Irish holiday, the drinks you serve for your Paddy’s Day party must either be Irish or green.


Let’s start with what’s already from Ireland:


  • Guinness
  • Harp
  • Smithwicks



  • Magners



  • Bushmills
  • Jamesons
  • Tullamore Dew



  • Irish Cream
  • Irish Mist


Now we’ll move into the St Patricks Day drinks recipes – Irish bomb shot, specialty Irish coffee and a variety of Irish shooters…


St Patricks Day Specialty Coffee – Irish Coffeest patricks day drinks

  • ¾ oz Irish Cream
  • ¾ oz Irish Whiskey
  • packet of sugar (or tsp brown sugar)
  • whipped / heavy cream
  • coffee

Rim a specialty coffee glass with sugar and then add the Irish cream and whiskey to the glass with the rest of the packet of sugar.  Fill to about a finger length from the rim and top with whipped cream (in a circular, building motion if from a can). Garnish with a cherry.


St Patricks Day Bomb Drink – Irish Car Bomb

  • ½ glass Guinness
  • ½ oz Irish cream
  • ½ oz Irish whiskey

Pour the Irish cream and whiskey into a shot glass.  Drop the shot glass into the (settled) glass of Guinness.  Chug.


St Patricks Day Shooters


  • ½ oz melon liqueur
  • ¼ oz Irish whiskey
  • ¼ oz Irish cream

Shake on ice and strain into shot glass.
Nutty Irishman

  • ½ oz Irish cream liqueur
  • ½ oz Frangelico


Irish Frogirish frog shooter

  • ½ oz melon liqueur
  • ½ oz Irish cream

Pour the melon liqueur into the shot glass and layer the Irish cream on top.
*This shooter tastes best if both the liqueurs are chilled


Irish Flag

  • ⅓ oz green Crème de Menthe
  • ⅓ oz Irish cream
  • ⅓ oz Grand Marnier

Pour the crème de menthe into a shot glass and then layer the Irish cream on top and then the Grand Marnier gets layered on top of the Irish cream (creating 3 separate layers representing the green, white and orange of the Irish flag).


There you have it – all the St Patricks Day drinks you’ll need to make this year’s St Paddy’s Day party the best one ever!


Common specials to run on St Patty’s Day at your bar are discounted prices on all Irish products as well as adding some of the above shooters to the evening’s drink menu.  Other than that, go ahead and get creative.  If you own / run a martini or lounge bar, get out the melon liqueur and green creme de menthe and start creating some green martinis and cocktails.


VIDEO: St Patricks Day Jokes

If you’ve got an awesome St Patricks Day drink recipe that you’d like to share, please add it to the comments below.

The Michelada – a Great Superbowl Drink

No doubt you can find lots of Superbowl drink recipes around the Net.  But when we think of the perfect Superbowl drink recipe, we like to stick to the basics.  And since this special Sunday is sponsored and really all about beer and fatty, greasy fried foods, we picked a beertail – a cocktail made from beer.


Really, we’re talking about the relative minority of the Superbowl viewers who aren’t pounding back brews aren’t we?

Another reason you’ll want to keep things simple when it comes to choosing the right beverage for your guests is because whoever is hosting the Superbowl party this year has enough stuff to deal with let alone finding the ingredients to make crazy Superbowl cocktails.

As an example of what we’re referring to here, let’s take a look at one of the Superbowl drink recipes off’s site called the Garden Cooler.


GARDEN COOLER Superbowl Cocktail


  • Smoked salt
  • 2 oz Blanco tequila
  • 4 oz Garden Cooler Mix*
  • Glass: Rocks
  • Garnish: Cucumber slice


Looking at the ingredients above, we’re already annoyed that we need specialty salt.  Then we have to go see if we’ve got a cucumber someone in the fridge that hasn’t rotted out yet.  But wait, there’s an asterisk* beside Cooler Mix.  You mean we have to go and buy some Cooler Mix as well? No, wait we can make it.  Oh good.


Here are the Garden Cooler Mix ingredients:

*Garden Cooler Mix


  • 16 oz Pineapple juice
  • Half a pineapple, peeled
  • Half a yellow bell pepper
  • 6 sprigs Mint
  • 1 Cucumber, sliced
  • 1 pinch Salt
  • 5 Whole black peppercorns

Holy Sh*tballs, now I need to find a pineapple, a bell pepper and some mint.  Wait, I think the games almost over!


So jokes aside, as we said, we like to keep it simple – and burly.

If you’re not into straight beer this Superbowl Sunday, then try this beertail, or beer-inspired cocktail instead – the Michelada.

We chose this drink as our choice for a good Superbowl drink because it contains beer and not too many other ingredients (important so that the consumer of this beverage doesn’t have to take too much of a ribbing from the rest of the beer-guzzling gang between plays).

There are many versions of the Michelada drink recipe so we’ll start with the original and then tell you some variations.

superbowl drink recipe - Michelada

Thought by some in Mexico to be a great cure for a hangover, the original Michelada is a Mexican drink made with beer, lime juice, sauces, salt and spices. Here’s just one of the many ways to make this drink.

Michelada Drink Recipe


  • 12oz. Beer
  • Tajin chili lime salt
  • 2 Limes
  • Maggi
  • Salsa Inglesa (Worcestershire sauce)
  • Valentina Hot Sauce



Rim a pint glass with the chili lime salt, then fill with ice.  Add a couple dashes of Maggi, Salsa Inglesa and the hot sauce and then squeeze in one and half limes (leaving a half to slice up for garnish).  Finish the beertail off by pouring in 12oz of your favourite light blonde lager.  Garnish with a lime wheel.



Above is pretty much the original Michelada.  Now here’s what you can add as variations:

  • use regular or celery salt to rim.
  • use lemons instead of limes
  • use soy sauce instead ofJugo Maggi,
  • Tabasco instead of Valentina Hot Sauce
  • add 4-6oz of tomato juice or Clamato juice.


Up here in Canada, we like to add Clamato juice to our Micheladas as a variation of our Bloody Caesar.


Enjoy the Game,






Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Proven Bar / Restaurant Marketing Strategies That Work

In today’s tough economic times, new restaurant marketing strategies are a much needed way to keep patrons entertained and coming back; as well as for bringing in a continuous flow of new clientele.  bar marketing

Keep in mind as you’re planning your promotion or event that a successful restaurant / bar promotion can’t always be measured by pure profit alone.  And the best promotions don’t need to have super cheap drink specials – as long as the event itself is promoted and well-run.

The best type of promotion that you can get for your event is the free kind – free publicity.  One of the best restaurant marketing strategies that any bar / restaurant could implement right away is to get as much free publicity as possible.  There are a couple ways to do this.

  1. A good way to get free publicity for your event is to look to local magazine / newspaper writers.  Make a contact list of all the people who write about events going on in your city and make sure you email them a personalized invite each time you are running a special / throwing an event.
  2. Ditto with bloggers.  If you are running a food promo, find someone in your city who blogs about restaurants and food and invite them in for a free meal.  If you are launching a new top shelf vodka or tequila, find bloggers who have blogs about spirits or bar hopping.  If you can’t persuade them to come into your place by offering them something for free, see if they allow advertising on their blogs and sites.
  3. Utilize your staff and social media to your advantage.  In addition to making sure that your staff are well-versed in the particulars of whatever event you’re running, ask them to promote the restaurant specials on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  They can make it very social by simply saying something like “I’m at work tonight and we’re running a great X special.  Maybe we’ll see some of you for dinner 🙂 “

We consistently write about new bar promotions and restaurant marketing strategies to help bar / restaurant owners succeed.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out 12 Bar Events You Can Implement Now, Bar Games, Bar Promotion Tips and 10 Bar Promotions that work.

Bar Jokes

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The Best and Funniest Bar Jokes
You’ve Never Heard

There are sooo many bar jokes around today that listing them all on one page would be a near impossible feat.  Therefore, we’ve collected a bunch that we think are really funny.  If you like the jokes, go ahead and share them on your favorite social media platform.

Only the Best Bar Jokes…..Telling a Joke in a town in Alaska

Bar Jokes: Telling a Joke in a small Alaskan Town

In a bar in a remote Alaskan town, a newcomer hears people yell out numbers (#23!, #56, etc.) and then everyone laughs. He asks the guy next to him what’s going on, and he says the jokes have been told so many times, people just yell out their numbers instead of retelling them. So he yells out #27! but nobody laughs.

The guy next to him says, “Some people can tell a joke, and some people can’t.

Bar Jokes - Still Serving Breakfast

Bar Jokes: “Still Servin’ Breakfast?”

A guy walks into a bar and sits at a table.

He tells the waitress, “I’ll have a Bloody Mary and a menu.” When she returns with his drink, he asks “Still servin’ breakfast?”

She says yes, so he says “Then I’ll have two eggs-runny on top and burnt on the bottom, five strips of bacon – well done on one end and still raw on the other, two pieces of burnt toast and a cold cup of coffee.”

Indignantly the waitress says, “We don’t serve that kinda stuff in here!”

The guy says, “Funny… that’s what I had in here yesterday…”

Bar Jokes: “O’Reilly’s Toast”Funny Bar Jokes - Oreillys Toast

John O’Reilly hoisted his beer and said, “Here’s to spending the rest of me life between the legs of me wife!”

That won him the top prize at the pub for the best toast of the night!

He went home and told his wife, Mary, “I won the prize for the Best toast of the night”

She said, “Aye, did ye now. And what was your toast?”

John said, “Here’s to spending the rest of me life, sitting in church

beside me wife.”

“Oh, that is very nice indeed, John!” Mary said.

The next day, Mary ran into one of John’s drinking buddies on the street corner.

The man chuckled leeringly and said, “John won the prize the other night at the pub with a toast about you, Mary.”

She said, “Aye, he told me, and I was a bit surprised myself. You know, he’s only been there twice in the last four years. Once he fell asleep, and the other time I had to pull him by the ears to make him come.”

Confessional Joke

Bar Jokes: The Confessional

A drunk staggers into a Catholic Church, enters a confessional booth and sits down, but says nothing.

The Priest coughs a few times to get his attention but the drunk continues to sit there, not saying a word.

Finally, the Priest pounds three times on the wall.

To which the drunk mumbles, “Sorry, can’t help you. There’s no paper on this side either.”




The Lecture Joke

Bar Jokes: The Lecture

Roger walks out of a bar. He was in no shape to drive, so he sensibly left his car parked and walked home. As he was staggering along, he was stopped by a policeman.

‘What are you doing out here at three o’clock in the morning?’ asked the police officer.

‘I’m on my way to a lecture,’ answered Roger.

‘And who on earth, in their right mind, is going to give a lecture at this time of night?’ enquired the constable sarcastically.

‘My wife,’ slurred Roger grimly.

Bar Jokes: Seeing Eye Dogs

A man goes into a bar with his dog. He goes up to the bar and asks for a drink.

The bartender says “You can’t bring that dog in here!” The guy, without missing a beat, says “This is my seeing-eye dog.”

“Oh man,” the bartender says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Here, the first drink’s on me.” The man takes his drink and goes to a table near the door.

Another guy walks into the bar with a Chihuahua. The first guy sees him, stops him and says, “You can’t bring that dog in here unless you tell him it’s your seeing-eye dog.”

The second man graciously thanks the first man for the information and continues to the bar and asks for a drink.

Predictably, the bartender says “Hey, you can’t bring dogs in here!”

The second man replies “But this is my seeing-eye dog.”

The bartender immediately replies, “No, I don’t think so. They don’t use Chihuahuas as seeing-eye dogs.”

The man pauses for a half-second and then replies “What??! They gave me a Chihuahua??!”

Bar Jokes: The Man with the PhotoJoke - The Man with the Photo

A man walks into a bar and asks for a beer. After drinking it, he looks in his shirt pocket and then proceeds to ask for another beer.

After drinking the next one, he again looks in his shirt pocket and again asks for another beer.

This happens about another seven times before the curious bartender finally asks him, “Say, every time you order a beer, you look in your shirt pocket. Why is that?”

The man replies, “I have a picture of my wife in there. When she starts to look good, I’ll go home.”

Bar Jokes: the DD

An on-duty police officer is staking out a particularly popular bar right before closing time hoping to catch anyone trying to drink & drive. As the patrons start exiting the bar at closing time, he sees one guy who seems particularly drunk.

The cop watches intently as this guy stumbles off the curb, trips over his own feet and tries his car keys on 4 different cars before ultimately finding his own. Once he finally finds his car and gets in, the man spends another couple minutes fumbling around with his keys in the front seat before finally getting the car started.

At this point, all the other patrons have already left the bar and drove off. The cop, waiting for the guy to pull out of the parking lot, pulls him over right afterwards. Since he’s seen enough already, the cop makes the guy take a breathalizer right off.

The guy obliges, takes the breathalizer test and looks on at an incredulous cop now looking at a result of 0.0. Astounded, the cop demands to know how that’s possible after what he’s just seen.

“Oh that,” the man says. “Well, tonight’s my night to be the Designated Decoy.”

Bar Jokes: “What is Politics?”

A little boy goes to his dad and asks, “What is politics?”

Dad says, “Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I’m the breadwinner of the family, so let’s call me capitalism. Your Mom, she’s the administrator of the money, so we’ll call her the Government. We’re here to take care of your needs, so we’ll call you the people. The nanny, we’ll consider her the Working Class. And your baby brother, we’ll call him the Future. Now, think about that and see if that makes sense,” So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what dad had said.

Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him. He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper. So the little boy goes to his parents’ room and finds his mother sound asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny’s room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy says to his father, “Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now.” The father says, “Good son, go ahead and tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about.”

The little boy replies, “Well, while Capitalism is screwing the Working Class, the Government is sound asleep, the People are being ignored and the Future is in deep shit.”

Bar Jokes: Ol’ Friendsjokes-friends

Mick and Sean had been drinking buddies for many years.

After having a couple of beers at the pub, Mick says to Sean,

“We’ve been buddies for years and if I should die before you, could you do me a favor? Get a bottle of good whiskey and pour it over me grave, and let it soak into the soil I’m buried under.”

Sean replied, “I would be glad to do that for me oldest friend. Would it be OK if I passed it through me bladder first?”

Thanksgiving Jokes

Q: What do you get when you cross an octopus with a turkey?
A: Enough drumsticks for everyone!


Q: What sound does a space turkey make?
A: Hubble Hubble


Q: What did the turkey say to the hunter?
A: Meow

Halloween Jokes

Three Vampires Joke

Three vampires walk into a bar and approach the bartender.

“What’ll it be?” the bartender asks.
“Pint of blood,” the first vampire replies.
“Make that two,” says the second.
“Gimme a pint of plasma,” says the third vampire.

“OK,” the bartender says, “So that’s two pints of blood and a pint of blood light?”

Redneck Halloween Joke

Q: What do rednecks do around Halloween time?

A: Pump Kin

Christmas Jokes

A husband and wife are getting all snugly in bed and the passion starts heating up. Suddenly, the wife stops and says, “I don’t feel like it, I just want you to hold me.”

Incredulous, the husband says, “What?”

The wife explains to her husband that he must be in tune with her emotional needs as a woman.

The husband realizes that nothing is going to happen that night and decides to roll over and go to sleep.

So the next day the husband takes her Christmas shopping at a big department store. He walks around and has her try on three very expensive outfits.She can’t seem to decide which one she likes so the husband tells her he’ll buy her all three of them.

They continue around the department store and the wife ends up picking up three sets of matching shoes worth $200 each, adding them to her shopping cart.

The wife is super excited and trots off to the jewelry section like a kid in a candy store. She picks out a pair of diamond earrings and is elated when her husband nods “sure”. She starts to think her husband has flipped out, but she doesn’t care and tries to push her luck and pick up a bracelet as well. The husband says, “You deserve the best for Christmas, go ahead.”

The wife is jumping up and down so excited she cannot even believe what is going on. She says, “I am so happy that you’re buying all these things for me for Christmas honey. Can we go check out now?”

To this the husband replies “No honey, I don’t feel like buying all this stuff for you right now. I just want you to hold the stuff for a while.”

The look on his wife’s face is indescribable and as she is about to explode on him, the husband adds,

“You must be in tune with my financial needs as a man.”

Since there are so many good bar jokes out there, we’ve had to create multiple pages where you can get your laugh on.  Check out:

Heard a great bar joke that you think deserves to be on our best bar jokes page?  If so, leave it in the comments below and if it passes our strictly funny criteria, we’ll publish it on our site.

Utilizing Bar Marketing Strategies – Email Marketing

Bar Marketing StrategiesEmail Marketing  — We all know that bars and restaurants live and die by repeat business. One way to help drive repeat business from your loyal customers is by sending email promotions.

“Great, I can do that…. but I don’t have any email addresses.”

No problem. Here are three simple ways to turn your patrons into subscribers.

Bar Marketing StrategiesEmail Marketing Tip #1 – GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO DO

We’ve all been at the bar with friends and there is a lull in the conversation. Why not have a sign holder or table tent with a QR (Quick Response) code on it for people to join your mailing list. They’ll grab their phone, scan the QR code and before you know it, they are on your list!

Another great way to get your QR code in front of your patrons is to put the code on your bar coasters. That way, every time they take a drink, they’re looking at a fun little activity for their phone.

bar marketing strategies - email marketing


Bar Marketing StrategiesEmail Marketing Tip #2 – GET THEM BACK INTO YOUR BAR

This is like killing two birds with one stone because you’ll get their email address, but you’ll also get them back into your bar. It works like this…

Train your wait staff to tell your patrons to visit and that you’ll send them an email for a free drink or $5 off their next visit. If you set up an email collection form on that page, it’s easy for them to remember and most of them can do it on their phone while they’re still at the bar.

All you need to do then is set up an auto-responder email that sends them a coupon with the offer you promised once they complete the sign up process.

Bar Marketing StrategiesEmail Marketing Tip #3 – HAVE A COMPETITION

Your wait staff has the strongest relationship with your patrons and could easily convince them to join your email list. That being said, why not propose a competition to your wait staff where whoever collects the most email addresses over the course of a week or month wins a nice prize.

It could be a paid day off, a trip to the spa, tickets to a football game, or just a cash prize. Either way, it could be a fun experience for your wait staff and you could walk away with more email addresses than you could have hoped for.

Please note that this competition should have a clear start and finish date. This sense of urgency will drive your staff to gather more email addresses in a smaller amount of time. Don’t make this a part of their job on a regular basis.

Bar Marketing StrategiesEmail Marketing Tip #4 – AUTOMATION

With all of these email collection techniques, you should set up an auto-responder series so that you don’t have to personally email all of your new subscribers.

Here’s an example of a 3 touch auto-responder series.

  1. Welcome email with a short story about the owners or how your bar got started.
  2. Drive them to your events calendar on your site with a nice email about your exciting events, live music, etc.
  3. Entice them back to your bar with some kind of offer like no cover charge at the next event, a 2 for 1 coupon, or a $10 off orders of $20 or more coupon.


Written by Josh Michael, email marketing nerd and owner of
If you have any questions about autoresponders, how to set up your email lists or any other email marketing questions, Josh answers them for free on his website


If you’re looking for more bar marketing strategies that work, check out our other bar promotions and bar marketing pages below.


Bar Interview Questions

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top bar interview questions you can expect to hear along with a great answer which you can customize to fit your own situation.  This list is a continuation from the bar interview questions and answers on our Bar Interview page.  If you haven’t already done so, you’ll also want to check out our Before the Interview and Interview Follow up pages.

Bar Interview Questions and Answers Cont’d


Bar Interview Questions: A customer complains his beer is flat? What do you do?bar interview questions

The best way to handle a situation like this is to charm the customer right from the start, before the apologies come pouring out. It can be annoying and feel fake to a truly upset customer but defusing the situation by relating to the customer and understanding his frustration will go a long way. Say, “Oh that’s terrible, flat beer is no good, I’ll check the keg and get it fixed. If I can’t fix it immediately, is there another type of beer I can get you?”

Keep in mind the most common reasons for flat beer:  its the bottom of the keg, the beer is ‘off’ or too old, or the glass is dirty causing the carbonation to dissipate too quickly.

Never tell the customer they’re wrong or ask “are you sure?” They will be offended that you are questioning them and you won’t be any closer to a happy customer. If the customer and situation are getting out of hand, tell them that you will get the manager to come over.  This makes the customer feel important as he will get to talk to the “higher ups”.

Bar Interview Questions: Tell me about your previous work experience? or What related skills do you have?

This one is easy. Always find a way to relate your past experience to the job you’re applying for. If you worked at McDonalds for example, you understand the importance of systems, timing and a good work ethic and you’re quick to greet and serve customers. If you worked in retail, again, you’re experienced with greeting customers and helping them find what they want. Share your experiences about answering the phones at work, handling money, and cleaning up after yourself and others. If you’ve ever had a creative idea that your boss used at work, highlight that experience. Maybe you designed the window display at a shop by yourself or suggested a special that really took off. The interviewer will like to hear about your initiative and how your past experiences relate to the job you’re applying for.


Bar Interview Questions: Why did you leave your last job?

If you left your last job for school or because you moved, then this question is pretty easy.  If you got fired or quit because you didn’t like your last job, then it becomes a little harder to answer.  If you got fired, you don’t obviously don’t want to mention that you got fired.  Tell them that you left because:

1.  you found it difficult to work in a place that didn’t have any systems and was very disorganized

2.  you were looking for more hours that they just couldn’t offer

3.  they constantly called you in last minute to cover shifts – up to 3 times / week

4.  you were looking for something a little more fast-paced

5.  the manager wasn’t professional and made sexist comments that made me uncomfortable

6.  they expected me to wear clothing that was just short of being a stripper


Studying the above example bar interview questions will give you a huge advantage over anyone else who may be interviewing for the same job.  Have an answer ready for any question and show confidence and personality and you’ll be hired in no time.

Not enough bar interview questions for you?  Ok, we’ve still got some more on our part 3 of this bar interview questions and answers series, click here.


Bar Interview Questions and Answers

This bar interview questions and answers page is part 3 in our bar interview questions series.  Be sure to check out the first two pages: Bar Interview and Bar Interview Questions to get all our best responses to the bar interview questions you’re bound to hear during your bar interview.

Bar Interview Questions and Answers: Where do you see yourself in the future?

If you are studying for something in school or have graduated already and plan on entering that field, then tell the interviewer that you love working in the bar industry so much that you plan on continuing working nights and on the weekends even if you get a position in your chosen field.

If you are not planning on getting a “real” job (and we wouldn’t blame you), tell the interviewer that you plan on making a career out of the bar industry and hopefully opening up your own bar sometime in the distant future.  Tell them that you love the industry so much that you can’t see yourself leaving it.

Bar Interview Questions and Answers: How do you make a martini, screwdriver, rusty nail, B-52 shooter etc.?

The interviewer is bound to ask you to name the ingredients in several different popular mixed drinks or cocktails.  Although you don’t need to know hundreds of drinks, you should have a good idea of the most popular drinks served in the bar you’re applying at and how to make them.

bar interview questions and answers


Bar Interview Questions and Answers: Do you have any questions?

Most interviewers will ask you at the end if you have any questions. It’s best to have at least one prepared. If you think of any questions during the interview, jot them down and use them at the end.  You DON’T want to ask about time off, how much your hourly pay is or what kind of vacation time you get.  You need to know that working in the bar industry, you will likely work most holidays and won’t have a set amount of vacation time like in other jobs.


Try asking something like, what are the busiest nights here?  or What kind of special events have you run in the past that were successful for you? or “I’d really like to take a look around the place, would that be ok?” or “Do you have a lot of regular customers that come in or is it a lot of different faces each night?” or “Who are your biggest competitors right now and what do they do differently that brings in customers?”


You are trying to show the interviewer that are interested in not only the position but the bar itself.  You want them to know that, even now during the interview, that you are thinking about ways to bring in more customers.

Make sure that you shine during the bar interview and that you’re prepared for the questions that are bound to be asked of you.  Good luck on your bartending journey….it’s an awesome ride!


Scotch Cocktails

Scotch Cocktails

While you’re out this weekend trying out some different scotches, throwing some new scotch lingo around, try these great scotch cocktails. They are easy to make and every bar should have the ingredients.

Rusty Nail

  • 1 oz. of Drambuie
  • 1 oz. Scotch
  • Ice

The scotch cocktail Rusty Nail has been around for awhile now and is served either in a highball glass or in a snifter (with ice or heat the snifter by rinsing with boiling water)

Highland Fling

  • 1 oz. of Amaretto
  • 1 oz. Scotch
  • Ginger Ale
  • Ice

This cocktail is a little sweeter than the last and is nice refreshing drink to have on a patio somewhere.

Summer Scotch

  • 1 oz. of Scotch
  • 1/5 oz. Creme de Menthe
  • Soda
  • Ice

It does look interesting, doesn’t it? Serve in a cocktail, collins or highball glass.

Scottish Blood

  • 1 oz. of Scotch
  • 1 or 2 oz. of Tomato Juice
  • a few dashes of Worcester Sauce
  • Slice of Lemon
  • Ice

That scotch cocktail right there has the look of a hangover cure.  Whether before, during or after your night of heavy drinking, the Scottish Blood cocktail is the last on our list of scotch cocktails.

And if you’re a “real” scotch drinker and you like the aged single malts, neat, I’m surprised you got this far through the page.  Seriously though, step out of your alcohol comfort zone once in a while.