Bar Humor

Bar Humor from Around the World (Wide Web)

We’ve been doing this bartending thing for a pretty long time and over the years, we’ve come across some pretty funny bartending shit.   Some of the bar humor that we come across are bartending memes, user generated ecards, bar jokes, funny bar signs and even some bar artwork.

We keep on adding to this list of funny bar stuff so make sure you check back often.

bar humor - ecards

Stop posting your problems on Facebook.  Go to a bar like everyone else.

bar humor - bad decisions

It’s your lucky day.  I picked you as my first round draft pick for getting hammered and making bad decisions with tonight.

bar humor - free beer sign

Free Beer, Topless Bartenders and False Advertising.

Gotta love their creativity!


My friend here is being FAR too modest! He’s not just ANY bartender!  Karl’s the guy who invented the Fuzzy Navel!

bar humor

Hey, I just met you.  And this is crazy.  But here’s my wine glass.  So fill it maybe?


bar humor

I’m so old that I remember when vodka only came in vodka flavor.

bar humor - god loves beer

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

bar humor half fast bartender

I’m not a fast bartender. I’m not a slow bartender.  I’m a half-fast bartender.

bar humor - hiding from wife bar rates

Hiding from wife bar phone rates

bar humor - how to pick up chicks

How to pick up chicks

bar humor - I pull out

I pull out

bar humor - ice diamonds

Give her (ice) diamonds…because you’re a bartender not a banker.

bar humor - I learned from beer

Everything I need in life I learned from beer.

bar humor - alcohol makes you more interesting

Alcohol – I only drink to make YOU more interesting.

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