Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

lemon drop martini

Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

This Lemon drop martini recipe is the most common way to make it. Being a very popular martini, it is easy to make, has few ingredients, and tastes amazing. It is so good in fact, that you might end up down throwing back more Lemon Drop Martinis then you were able to count.

Cosmopolitan might be the martini of choice for the New York ladies on Sex and the City, but for Oprah Winfrey, she prefers to serve all her guests at the Legends Ball Lemon Drop Martinis


What you’ll need:

  • Vodka
  • Triple Sec (Click Here to see this product in our barstore)
  • Sugar
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Shaker & mixing glass (Click Here to see this product in our barstore)
  • Martini glass (Click Here to see this product in our barstore)
  • Jigger or shot glass (Click Here to see this product in our barstore)
  • Lemon Wheel or Twist

What you’ll do:

  • Step 1
      Chill a martini glass by filling it with ice and water and letting it sit

Lemon Drop Martini Recipe - Lemon Drop Martinis

  • Step 2
  • Step 3
      Measure 1.5 oz of Vodka and add it in your tin
  • Step 4
      Measure 0.5 oz of Triple Sec and add it to your tin
  • Step 5
      Add a table spoon of sugar
  • Step 6
      Measure between 3/4 of an oz to 1 full oz of fresh lemon juice and add to tour mixing tin
  • Step 8
      Using a rimmer, rim the glass with sugar
  • Step 9
      Secure the lid on your shaker tin and shake hard over your shoulder 3-4 times
  • Step 10
      Strain into martini glass and garnish with a lemon wheel or Lemon twist
  • Step 11
      Serve or enjoy!
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