Hurricane Drink Recipe

hurricane drink recipe

Hurricane Drink Recipe

Hurricane Drink Recipe – The origin of the hurricane cocktail can be traced back to New Orleans where the first one was served in the now signature hurricane lamp shaped glass. There are many different hurricane drink recipes on the web today. Some contain vodka or gin, some grapefruit and / or cranberry juice – but staying as close to the classic as possible, we use only rum and trade the more available pineapple and orange for the passion fruit juice the original recipe calls for.

Hurricane Drink Bartending Tutorial

Mixed Drinks Shot
What you’ll need:

  • white rum
  • dark rum
  • orange juice
  • pineapple juice
  • grenadine
  • hurricane glass
  • straw
  • ice
  • lime, lemon or orange slice
  • cherry (optional)
  • Jigger or shot glass (for measuring)


What you do:

  • Step 1
      Fill the hurricane glass with ice
  • Step 2
      Pour in 1oz of white rum
  • Step 3
      Fill the glass with equal parts orange and pineapple juice (leaving about a finger-width of space at the top)
  • Step 4
      Pour in a generous squirt of grenadine syrup
  • Step 5
      Then top it off with 1/2oz of dark rum.
  • Step 6
      Throw in a straw and garnish with your choice of lime, lemon, orange (or all three) and add a cherry if desired.
  • Step 7
      Serve or drink it yourself 🙂

[Video Transcript] How to Make a Hurricane Cocktail Video Tutorial | New Orleans Hurricane Drink

Hurricane Drink Recipe

Hi there, Reese Richards from and today we’re gonna do a Hurricane – Hurricane Drink Recipe. This is a regular cocktail glass; normally a hurricane glass is a little taller or slender but most bars carry this glass. So for today we’ll to use the cocktail glass. So fill it up with ice. We have white rum, dark rum, grenadine and we need orange juice and pineapple juice. So we need an ounce of white rum. We want to add our orange juice and our pineapple juice. And we’re going to top with grenadine and a half ounce of dark rum. Put a little *** straw in there. You can garnish with whatever you like; you can garnish with a lemon or lime, it’s okay. We’ll stick with the lime today. There you go, your Hurricane.

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