How to Make Buttery Nipple Shot | Buttery Nipple Recipe

How to Make Buttery Nipple Shot | Buttery Nipple Recipe

buttery nipple shooter
The Buttery Nipple Shot is the perfect “girlie” shooter as it’s sweet and tasty. Learn the buttery nipple recipe in this drink video tutorial. The buttery nipple shooter is the same as the Bit O Honey shot except with the addition of grenadine.

Buttery Nipple Recipe:
1/2 Butterscotch Schnapps
1/2 Irish Cream
Drop of Grenadine

When you’re learning how to make the buttery nipple shot, don’t forget to pour the butterscotch first and then layer the Irish cream on top of the butterscotch. Use a spoon to help with the layering.

When adding your grenadine, make sure that you have a pour spout on it. As you can see in the video, there is no pour spout on the grenadine (as I’m shooting at my home bar) so it pours rather quickly.

If you’re looking to learn a new shot to order the next time you’re out clubbing, you can’t go wrong with the Buttery Nipple Shot.


[transcript] How to Make Buttery Nipple Shot Video Tutorial


Hey there, Reese Richards from Today, we’re going to do a shot. A shot recipe, and, uh, the shot is called a Buttery Nipple. So, uh, the only difference between a Nipple Honey and a Buttery Nipple is the addition of a couple shots or a couple of drops of grenadine. So, we’re going to layer the shot and we’ll start off with half of butterscotch ripple. And then, uh, Irish Cream… Bailey’s or Carolan’s, and, uh, to layer… we’re going to use a spoon, and we’re going to put the spoon on the inside of the shot glass, and then slowly pour on top of the spoon. Ok? And then, a couple of drops of the grenadine for the, uh, nipple. And there you have it. It looks more like a brain hemorrhage, but it’s a Buttery Nipple.

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