Fun Halloween Drinks & Drink Garnishes

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Fun Halloween Drinks & Halloween Drink Garnishes

Fun Halloween drinks and Halloween drink garnishes are next.  We’ve already given you a couple of cool Halloween drinks that you can offer for your party. So, lets get into a couple of cool garnishes that you can use for your Halloween cocktails .

Creative Halloween Cocktail Garnishes

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Lychee Eyeballs

These look really cool either floating in a drink or skewered and laid on top of the drink. Lychee is a small reddish fruit that’s popular here in Asia. Inside it has a fleshy white texture with a pit in the middle. You can use either canned lychees or fresh ones if you can find them.If you’re using fresh lychees, cut them in half and remove the pit. Where the pit used to be, stick a blueberry in its place – make sure the collar of the blueberry is sticking out. Then use the berry preserves or grenadine to create the bloodshot look.

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Dripped Rims

This works great for martinis and cocktails. Take grenadine and carefully line the rim of the glass with it. Use enough so that it starts to drip down the side of the glass but not so much that it keeps dripping to the table top. You can make these in advance and put them in the fridge to keep them chilled.

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Gummy Worms

These are the same gummy worms that you used to eat as a kid. Buy a couple bags of these worms and use them to decorate your average rum & cokes, whiskey sours, screwdrivers etc.

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Gummied Apple Slices

Keeping with the gummy worms theme, cut up some apples into slices and use a straw to poke a hole through the upper middle of them. Then feed a gummy worm through the hole. Cut a slit in the lower portion of the apple slice so that it fits on the rim of a glass.
I hope you enjoyed these fun Halloween drinks and garnishes.  Don’t forget to check out Halloween Party Drinks for a cool Halloween shot and Halloween cocktail.


Creative Halloween Drink Ideas

Halloween Drink Ideas – Gummy Worm Jello Shots

I’m a big fan of jello shots and adding in half a gummy worm, with the end hanging out of the top, is an excellent way to give your jello shots that Halloween feel. Simply add the gummy worms before putting the mixture into the fridge to set.


Halloween Drink Ideas – Sangria Pumpkin Keg



White Wine Sangria in a Pumpkin Recipe:

1 bottle sweet white wine (we used Moscato)
1 litre of orange juice
1 can of club soda
4 oz of vodka
1 apple diced
2 oranges wedged
1 lemon or lime wedged
frozen berries of choice

Remember, you can use these pumpkin kegs to serve any type of beverage – even non-alcoholic punch for your kids’ party.

If you have any Halloween drink garnish ideas or Halloween drink or shooter recipes, please share them in the comments below.


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And here are some Halloween bar decoration ideas. Happy Halloween!!

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