Cruzin Cooler

Cruzin Cooler

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What could be cooler than a cruzin cooler scooter? Nothing! We can’t think of anything cooler than something designed to get both you and your beverages where you need to be – while looking cool doing it. Unlike a regular scooter whose cool is having a hard time catching on in North America, these motorized coolers are the sh#t. It’s just one of those things that you see and gotta have.

cruzin cooler

Whether you’re planning a tailgate party for a bunch of the boys and girls and your favourite team, or your heading to a fair, concert, park or the beach, there’s no better way to get you and your refreshments there.

Think about it, no more lugging around a huge cooler or pulling on a too short plastic handle, trying to force little plastic wheels where they don’t want to go. Nope. Now, you’re literally in control of yours and your beverages destiny. It’s time to step up and become the life of the party.
cruzin cooler

These scootering little puppies come in five different colors – red, white, black, blue and yellow and in different size motors – from 300 watts to 1000 watts.
Depending on the load you’re packing and the size of you, the rider, you’ll need to choose your cruzin cooler scooter accordingly. The 300 watt cruzin cooler can handle smaller loads of up to 180 pounds – including the rider and the cargo. The 500 watt cooler scooter can handle slightly more and is able to take inclines a little better. The 1000 watt is likely your best bet as it can handle more of a load and a bigger driver.

That being said, however, these aren’t mini stock cars – they have their limitations. The clearance is only 1.5 inches from the ground up, so you’ve got to be careful with the terrain you’re driving over – the flatter the better. Steer clear of excessive gravel, grass and sand. Keep ‘er off the rough stuff and you’re in for a seriously good time – and that’s before you even get to the party!

We’re not sure if it’s legal or not, but they do allow you to grab a drink while driving on these little guys. There’s a fast access door that pops open, allowing you to grab drinks on the run. And it doubles as a drink holder when its closed. How cool is that?

No matter what wattage you get, the size of the unit remains the same. What does change, due to the size of the motor, is the weight.

Cruzin Cooler – Extra Features

cruzin cooler

While you have to order the seat separately, if you’re going to be travelling any distance on these motorized scooters, you’ll likely want to invest in your ass and get yourself a cooler scooter seat.

Every cruzin cooler scooter is able to be charged through a standard wall outlet and comes with a scooter cooler tool kit to make sure that everything is tight and smooth for your ride.

These motorized coolers also come standard with foot pegs that are retractable which makes the unit a little easier to transport from place to place (like from home to the stadium).

Cruzin Cooler Accessories

cruzin cooler

Cruzin Cooler Lock Set
Now that you’ve got your hands on your very own cooler scooter, you don’t want anyone thieving it from you. And that’s specifically what this lock set is designed for. You can wrap it right around and through your cooler so that no one can get in or away with it while your back’s turned.

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Cooler Scooter Cover
If you’ve got no place indoors to keep your beautiful new cruzin cooler, you can rest assured the elements won’t bother it any with this cooler scooter cover. Now, it’s always best to keep things stored indoors but even if its out in the garage, you’ll want to keep the dust and debris off it to keep it running like new.

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