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free bartender cheat sheet


Once you click on the link or image above, it will take you directly to the PDF.  With some browsers, it may download the PDF directly onto your computer.  With other browsers, it may simply open up the PDF within a window.  If that happens, simply go to File -> Save Page As  and save the PDF to your computer where you’ll be able to print it out.

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Free Bartender Cheat Sheet

Free Bartender Cheat Sheet PDF download

Our free bartender cheat sheet is not only the #1 most searched on the Net but it’s also the most downloaded free bartender cheat sheet on the Web.  Pretty cool huh?  To get your cocktail cheat sheet, fill in the form below and we’ll email you the link.

free bartender cheat sheet
We’ve created this document to give up-and-coming bartenders something to study from while they’re learning drink recipes.  This cheat sheet is also great to have on hand in any bar since many bartenders tend to make certain cocktails “their own way” which wreaks havoc on consistency – a much needed ingredient in a successful bar.

Please keep in mind that, depending on where you go in the world as well as where you go in your own country, bartenders will make the same drinks differently.

In one state or province, your neighbourhood bartender may make a cocktail with pineapple juice where another bar and bartender in another state or province would make the same drink with grapefruit juice.

In the end, consistency across all bartenders in an establishment is the goal – and this free bartender cheat sheet can help your bar achieve that goal.

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Free Bartending Cheat Sheet

Downloadable Free Bartending Cheat Sheet PDF

If you’re looking for an awesome and free bartending cheat sheet, you’ve come to the only place on the Net to get one.  The free bartending cheat sheet contains drink recipes for all the drinks that every good bartending needs to know.  Enter your details below and we’ll email you the link to download the PDF bartender cheat bartender cheat sheet

There are about 60 or so drinks listed on the page.  We’ve also added some cool bomb shot recipes and jello shot recipes as well as the standard and popular cocktail recipes and shooter recipes.

Whether you keep it at home and study it nightly, or you keep it behind the bar to look at when you get stumped, a bartender cheat sheet is truly a bartender’s best friend.

Remember that 99% of those 20 plus thousand drink recipes you see sites bragging about will never be ordered off the average bartender.