Large Selection of Bottle Openers on the Market

From the basic to the most technologically advanced bottle openers

The Beer Bottle Opener – If there is one bartending tool that is an absolute must-have for bartenders, its the opener. And, if you haven’t been to a bar supplies store or looked online recently, you’re probably not aware of the vast array of different bottle openers on the market.

We’ve tried to include a good cross-section of the variety of bottle openers you can find but this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

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Below, we’ve included just a small sample of the hundreds of different bottle openers we carry in our Bar Store.

beveled bottle opener

This is one of the standard bottle openers you’ll find at a lot of bars. Although its functional and been around for ages, there are many different styles that allow for more speed and better handling. However, if you’re just looking for something for your home bar, this would be ideal. This beveled bottle opener has a steel mirror finish and fits nicely into your hand.

speed bottle opener

This is the standard speed opener, which is sometimes called a Mamba or a Popper. The full circle on either end allows you to open bottles the traditional way or to hook and pop them open (the cool way). This opener is made with thick gauge, quality stainless steel. This opener is popular in fast-paced pubs and clubs where bartenders have to open multiple beers quickly.

Vrod Bottle Openers

This speed opener is an answer to bartenders’ prayers everywhere. Designed like the speed opener above, but with one big difference – one end is designed to help bartenders pop off pour spouts from liquor bottles. You know at the end of the night when you have to clean all the liquor pour spouts but some are so stuck that even a rag doesn’t help pulling it out. Just slip this little puppy under the spout and give it a pull.

hammerhead bottle openers

This is an awesome bottle opener as it allows you to open two beer bottles at once! It has a quality Vinylworks coating for increased grip, which is softer on your bartenders’ pockets. What’s the point in opening one bottle fast when you can open two bottles just as fast. Carry it in your back pocket and it can be twirled out and put to action quickly and efficiently. Isn’t it about time you add some speed to your bartending skills?

ez-pop bottle openers

ez-pop bottle openers

This is really a unique bottle opener insomuch as, unlike other openers, you don’t have to use two hands to open a beer bottle. Not only that, but the bartender can use only one hand to not only open the beer bottle, but they can pour the beer, collect the cap in the opener and put the empty bottle down without ever having to use their other hand. If you’ve been bartending for anytime at all, you’ll know how important it is to have an extra free hand. In addition to being a cool, one-handed bottle opener, it’s hygienic as well as neither the bartender’s hand nor the opener itself touches the mouth of the beer bottle.

knuckle speed bottle openers

These knuckle popper openers are a little smaller than the original speed openers. They have full-color graphics of your choice on both sides and come with a curved side which has indentations to ensure that it fits snuggly in your hand. Since they are smaller, they fit easier into your pocket or can be attached to a retractable reel. If you’re looking for speed, a good fit with your hand and a cool design, this is your opener.

steel knuckles bottle openers

This is a menacing looking bottle opener. Made with the same light stainless steel metal as the other ripper bottle openers, this one not only looks cool but is useful as well.

Sometimes when you’re bartending, you may not have the luxury of having bouncers or security on staff. But that doesn’t mean that trouble can’t happen. As a bartender working alone, you like to know that if something happens, you have something to tip the scales – this brass knuckle-like bottle opener. As well as being a very functional opener, you can use it to instill just the right amount of fear needed to get that unruly patron to leave the bar without an incident. You’ll turn your bartenders into bouncers just with its attention grabbing design.

key style bottle opener

This cute little beer bottle opener looks like a regular key but is actually a very functional opener. It fits easily into your pocket or attached to the rest of your keys so that its ready anytime you’re ready for a cold one.

molded ring bottle opener

Since a bartender with two hands free is better (and more profitable) than a bartender with no hands free, this molded ring bottle opener puts cash in your pocket. No more having to look for a bottle opener or fumbling around trying to find it in your pocket. Made with high quality plastic with a metal hook insert which is custom molded to the fit your finger. This opener extends over your knuckle for greater support when opening a beer bottle. Free your hands and fill your pockets with this molded ring bottle opener.

small ring bottle opener

These small ring bottle openers are the lightest and most unnoticeable of the hand attached openers. Being a bartender, keeping your hands free to do other chores is what makes the difference between having a good night of tips and having an outstanding night of tips. The more beers and customers you serve, the more money you’re making yourself…and the bar. Made of lightweight anodized aluminum. Available in a variety of sizes – measured by ring size. Hint: Use a ruler to measure the circumference of a ring that fits your finger to determine what size you need.

wrist bottle opener

This cool wrist-mounted bottle opener is a full foot long so that it’ll fit any size wrist. It has a stainless stell plate which is curved to fit the shape or your arm. The added velcro patch is stitched solidly to the leather for the ultimate hold. And, lighter than most watches, the leather wrist opener only weighs 3oz (.2lbs) so you’ll hardly know you’re wearing one.

griptender glove bottle opener

If you’ve bartended for any amount of time, you’ve surely opened many a bottle by hand. And if you’ve done that, you’ve likely run into a couple of beer bottles that were a little difficult to open. When that happens, your hand turns around the cap, but the cap doesn’t turn – causing long, little cuts, like paper cuts, on your fingers. Get the Griptender™ Glove and it won’t be a problem anymore.