Bar Decorations for Halloween

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Easy Bar Decorations for Halloween

Here are some cool bar decorations for Halloween that you can use this October.  As with any promotion that you run in your bar, it needs to be done well and it needs to involve all your staff. From the initial promotion of the event down to the costumes and enthusiasm needed on the day of the event – your staff can be thee determining factor when it comes to the success of your event.halloween-costumes-darth-maul

The staff part you’ll have to take care of yourself.   We’ll try to give you a hand with the decoration part of it though.


Cool Halloween Bar Decorations

If you’re going to throw a Halloween party, you need to have decorations – otherwise, it’s just a bunch of people dressing weird.

Here are a couple of things you can do to get your place ready for Halloween this year:


Fog machine
These things can be bought at Walmart or you can rent one from your local party supplies shop. Set this up near the DJ booth and have it smoke out the dance floor all night.
Dry ice
This stuff can be tough to get sometimes and can be dangerous to handle – so if you do it, BE CAREFUL. A cool effect you can do with dry ice is put it in Jack-O-Lanterns. The ‘smoke’ coming out of the holes in the pumpkin looks really cool.

halloween bar decorations - dried leaves
A cheap way to dress up your bar is to go out and get a couple garbage bags full of leaves. Scatter them around the bar to give your place a kind of graveyard feel. The more dry the leaves are the better – the crunching when people walk on them really kicks up the scare factor.
Cornhalloween bar decorations - corn husks
For some reason, corn fields are scary places. So, if you live in an area with a bunch of corn fields, see if there’s any lying around on the ground (it should already have been harvested) in these fields. Once you get your hands on some, then stand them up and attach them to the walls in your place – either by a piece of string and a staple gun or just the staple gun.
Garbage bags
If you have a lot of windows in your bar, try getting a bunch of black garbage bags and blacking out the place. You can cover just the windows or you can black out your entire bar.

Don’t forget to check out our Halloween Party Drinks and Halloween Drink Garnishes.

If you liked our ideas for bar decorations for Halloween, please share and comment below.  And if you have any great Halloween decoration ideas of your own, our readers would love to hear about them.

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe


What’s the best way to make a Long Island Iced Tea?
Question by lazyjbob

I found a “recipe” on wikipedia and it calls for Gomme Syrup and I have no idea what that is or where to get it.
Also…What is meant by “sweet and sour mix”?


Best answer:
Answer by baygirlie

1 part vodka
1 part tequila
1 part rum
1 part gin
1 part triple sec
1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix
1 splash Coca-Cola

This is a great recipe.
Gomme is just sugar syrup…you really don’t need it

Sweet & Sour mix is just a mixture of lemon juice & sugar. You can make your own with 8 oz of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of sugar.


BarsandBartending answer: 
We concur with baygirlie’s Long Island Iced Tea recipe above but we would take the Triple Sec down to a 1/2 part.  Use a collins glass, fill it with ice and pour in all your liquor.  Add sweet & sour mix – also called margarita mix, sours, bar lime or bar mix, which can easily be bought in sugar crystal form – and top with an ounce or so of Coke.  Garnish with a nice lemon wheel or wedge.
In Canada, this is generally a 2oz cocktail and is one of the stronger cocktails you can order from a bar.  And because the strong alcohol flavor is covered by the sugary mixes, patrons often don’t realize just how intoxicated they are becoming. So, as a bartender, be aware of that.

Give your answer to this question below!

9 Steps to Pouring Stella Artois

9 Steps to Pouring Stella

There are 9 steps to pouring Stella.  This may seem like a bit much but the Belgians take their beer – and its pour and presentation – very seriously.  Most of the bars in North America aren’t equipped with the proper systems to serve Stella using the 9 steps outlined below.  So if you want your bar to stand out and serve Belgium beers the way they are supposed to be served, you’ve just uncovered your establishments USP (unique selling point/proposition).

Enough with the bar marketing talk and on with the detailed 9 steps to pouring Stella.



The trademark Stella Artois chalice is specifically designed to release the flavour and aroma of the beer.  The purification step starts out by rinsing the chalice under cold, high pressured water to allow the glass to reach the chilled beer temperature.



So called because you want to allow the first burst of beer / foam from the tap to go down the drain as this will cause a heady beer if you don’t.  This sacrifice shouldn’t be more than about 30ml / oz of beer.



Once the first burst of beer is sacrificed, the Stella chalice is then placed into the stream of beer, held at a 45-degree angle.  This angle will ensure that the proper proportion of foam to liquid as the chalice fills.



The chalice is then lowered and / or straightened as the pour proceeds to ensure that just the right amount of head.  The amount of head on the beer is important as this acts as a barrier between the air and the beer, as contact with the air will cause the beer to start losing flavour.



When the exact amount of beer has been allowed to enter the chalice, the tap is quickly closed and the chalice moved away.  Any droplets that may be hanging or dripping out of the tap after it’s closed should be avoided!  The droplets of beer coming out of the tap after its closed are hitting the air and immediately oxidizing, and we don’t want these to ruin our perfect Stella pour.



While the head is flowing over the edge of the glass, cut it gently with a skimmer on a 45-degree angle thus eliminating the larger bubbles which are easier to burst and cause the head to dissipate.



The proper amount of foam amounts to about two fingers thick or approximately 3cm (1.2 inches).  This perfect amount of head acts as a barrier, preventing your Stella Artois from getting stale.



The bottom and sides of the glass are then rinsed so that the chalice is clean to hold.



And lastly, your Stella Artois is served with the drip catcher resting on it’s base and presented to the customer on a Stella Artois coaster.

Behold the perfect glass of Stella Artois.

Cheers to you, and for your patience, a refreshing reward.

Fun Halloween Drinks & Drink Garnishes

Fun Halloween Drinks & Halloween Drink Garnishes

Fun Halloween drinks and Halloween drink garnishes are next.  We’ve already given you a couple of cool Halloween drinks that you can offer for your party. So, lets get into a couple of cool garnishes that you can use for your Halloween cocktails .halloween drink ideas - sangria pumpkin keg

Creative Halloween Cocktail Garnishes

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Lychee Eyeballs

These look really cool either floating in a drink or skewered and laid on top of the drink. Lychee is a small reddish fruit that’s popular here in Asia. Inside it has a fleshy white texture with a pit in the middle. You can use either canned lychees or fresh ones if you can find them.If you’re using fresh lychees, cut them in half and remove the pit. Where the pit used to be, stick a blueberry in its place – make sure the collar of the blueberry is sticking out. Then use the berry preserves or grenadine to create the bloodshot look.

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Dripped Rims

This works great for martinis and cocktails. Take grenadine and carefully line the rim of the glass with it. Use enough so that it starts to drip down the side of the glass but not so much that it keeps dripping to the table top. You can make these in advance and put them in the fridge to keep them chilled.

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Gummy Worms

These are the same gummy worms that you used to eat as a kid. Buy a couple bags of these worms and use them to decorate your average rum & cokes, whiskey sours, screwdrivers etc.

Halloween Drink Garnishes – Gummied Apple Slices

Keeping with the gummy worms theme, cut up some apples into slices and use a straw to poke a hole through the upper middle of them. Then feed a gummy worm through the hole. Cut a slit in the lower portion of the apple slice so that it fits on the rim of a glass.
I hope you enjoyed these fun Halloween drinks and garnishes.  Don’t forget to check out Halloween Party Drinks for a cool Halloween shot and Halloween cocktail.


Creative Halloween Drink Ideas

Halloween Drink Ideas – Gummy Worm Jello Shots

I’m a big fan of jello shots and adding in half a gummy worm, with the end hanging out of the top, is an excellent way to give your jello shots that Halloween feel. Simply add the gummy worms before putting the mixture into the fridge to set.


Halloween Drink Ideas – Sangria Pumpkin Keg



White Wine Sangria in a Pumpkin Recipe:

1 bottle sweet white wine (we used Moscato)
1 litre of orange juice
1 can of club soda
4 oz of vodka
1 apple diced
2 oranges wedged
1 lemon or lime wedged
frozen berries of choice

Remember, you can use these pumpkin kegs to serve any type of beverage – even non-alcoholic punch for your kids’ party.

If you have any Halloween drink garnish ideas or Halloween drink or shooter recipes, please share them in the comments below.


Click here for another Halloween Shooter and Halloween Cocktail recipe

And here are some Halloween bar decoration ideas. Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Party Drinks

Halloween Party Drinks

Halloween Drinks
Brain Haemorrhage and Devil’s Handshake

Halloween party drinks are just one more reason why Halloween can be so much fun (and so profitable) for bars who take part in the holiday.  When I choose drinks to highlight, I try to stay with drink recipes that contain ingredients that you can typically find in most bars, pubs, clubs or restaurants.

I try to stay away from the latest fad – some smokey infused cumquat flavored, triple distilled, upside down, double fruit blend of vodka. Sure, these are great for promotions in your bar and ya, you can make some cool cocktails with them. But, not every bar carries these products and they’re not available all around the world, so I like to keep it simple and stick with what most bars have on hand. That doesn’t mean the drinks are boring. Hells No! Below you’ll find one Halloween shot recipe and one Halloween cocktail recipe.

Check out these two GHOULISH Halloween Party Drinks:

Halloween Drink Recipe #1:  Brain Haemorrhage

Called a brain haemorrhage because of the effect the ingredients make when combined together. These are really cool looking shots – especially for Halloween – and they taste good too. Use a 2oz shot glass if you have one.


  • 3/4 Peach Schnapps
  • slightly less than 1/4 Irish Cream (Baileys)
  • grenadine

Fill up your shot glass about 3/4 full with peach schnapps. Carefully add the Irish cream so that it floats on top. Don’t fill the glass to the top with Irish cream – leave a bit of room. Now pour in the grenadine to fill the glass. Experiment with how you pour in the grenadine as this is what gives you the effect of a brain hemorrhaging.

Halloween Drink Recipe #2:  Devil’s Handshake

This is one of those drinks that doesn’t really have anything to do with Halloween except for the name. There’s nothing gross, ghoulish, sick, twisted or scary about the drink itself. And the look of the cocktail doesn’t really lend itself that well to the name. However, Robert Englund – of Freddy Krueger fame – has partnered up with Hornitos Tequila to promote the drink. So there’s the SpOoKy part….so I’ve included it as one of this year’s Halloween drinks.

  • 2oz Hornitos Tequila
  • 1oz Lime Juice
  • 4oz pineapple juice
  • simple syrup
  • ginger
  • lime wedge

Fill up a shaker tin with ice and add the tequila, lime juice, pineapple juice and simple syrup. Then, using a grater, finely grate about 1/2 teaspoon of fresh ginger into the shaker tin. Shake with enthusiasm and then strain it onto fresh ice in a highball glass. Garnish with the lime wedge.

Click for Halloween Cocktail Garnish Ideas

Click for Halloween Bar Decoration Ideas

How to Open Up a Small Bar

How to Open Up a Small Bar

What does it take to open up a small bar?
Question by Black Jack

I have an idea for a small bar and would like to open one up. Can someone tell me what it takes as far as licensing goes and how much investment it will take ? Do I need to be a bartender to own a bar ? How much money can you expect to make your first year and what are the challenges ?
BarsandBartending Answer:

Starting up and running a bar – any size bar – is a LOT of work.  If you want to open up a bar, aside from the massive monetary obligations and legal responsibilities you’ll be undertaking, you’ll also be putting in a lot of hours. 

Expect to be working at least 80 hours / week until you get your bar to the point where it’s making enough money and has the proper systems in place to have a well compensated bar manager replace you.
There are definitely people who have “lucked out” and opened a bar who didn’t really have to do anything beyond open their doors and they were making money hand over fist.  This is not the norm.
We recently wrote about a very similar topic – How to Run a Bar – because of the horrible advice people were giving on the subject.  We heard things like recycle your beer, tap a cheap keg but change the tap handles to something more expensive, under-pour on your guests etc.  Do any of these things and you’ll be out of business before you know it.
If you’re serious about opening up a small bar and managing the bar yourself, make sure you read through all 16 points in How to Run a Bar.
What do you think? Answer below!


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Tipping Etiquette #4: How to Tip when you Get Free Drinks

Bar Tipping Etiquette Video Series

Tipping Etiquette #4: How to Tip when you Get Free Drinks


Tipping Etiquette #4: How to Tip when you Get Free Drinks | Tipping Bartenders


So you’re at the bar, and the bartender’s got the hots for you, maybe.. pretty friendly you know?  Or buddy-buddy maybe, and the bartender shoots you some free drinks.

The problem is, how much do you tip? Do you tip the cost of the drink? As if you’d already paid for it? Do you just give the normal tip you would have given on a regular drink?

Here’s the rule: you tip 50% of what the drink would’ve cost you, plus your tip. So, you’re saving yourself 50%, and the bartender’s happy because he got a good tip, and you get free drinks.

Everybody’s happy.

Tipping Etiquette #2- Don’t Brag About Your Tip

Bar Tipping Etiquette Video Series

Tipping Etiquette #2- Don’t Brag About Your Tip


Tipping Etiquette #2 – Don’t Brag About Your Tip | Bar Tipping Etiquette

Reese Richards here, from! And you’re at the bar.  You’ve ordered the drink, and now it’s time to tip.

So. So, rules when tipping. Tipping rule number two: Don’t brag about your tip.

Don’t gloat about it. “Hey, that fiver, that’s mine.  I left $20 last time.”

Ok.  You know what, if you left $20, the bartender will definitely remember you.

If you left a twoonie, or $2, maybe not so much.

Tipping Etiquette #1- Don’t Point Out Your Tips

Tipping Etiquette #1

Don’t Point Out Your Tips

Tipping is not a city in China – it’s a standard practice in the North American hospitality industry.

In this video above, Reese Richards gives you some insight on how to tip properly when at a bar – otherwise called bar tipping etiquette.

This is the first in the series of our bar tipping etiquette videos called Don’t Point Out Your Tips.

Watch all the videos in the tipping etiquette series and learn how to tip properly at a bar / club. What your parents didn’t teach you about tipping etiquette, we will.

Tipping Etiquette #1- Don’t Point Out Your Tips

Reese Richards here, from!

And, you’re at the bar! You’ve ordered the drink, and now it’s time to tip.

So, So, rules when tipping…

First rule: don’t point out how much you’ve tipped. Ok, the bartender… he can see how much you’ve tipped; and to point it out just kinda makes you look like a loser, right?

“Hey, hey, hey.. that $2.. that $2, that’s from me. Hey bartender. Right there, that’s mine.”  Ok, thanks!  Thanks… whoa.  Ok, you tipped.  $2, ok thanks.

Honestly, it makes you look like a dick. Don’t point out tips.


Drink A Palooza Board Drinking Game: The Ultimate in Fun Drinking Games

Drink-A-Palooza – An All in One Drinking Game

The all in one drinking game Drink A Palooza combines some old school drinking games with some new school ones.

Click to buy Drink-a-Palooza on Amazon.

[VIDEO TRANSCRIPT] Playing the Board Drinking Game Drink a Palooza

Uhmm, here we are on Christmas Eve and we’re gonna sit down and play this game called “Drink A Palooza.” Alright, so Drink A Palooza is kind of a 5 drinking games in 1 and once you get into the instructions and you just setup your little cup here on top with a little spinner, you empty out these little cases. The object is you actually fill up the cases with beer. Okay, the quick start is really just there is a quick start, right?

Set it up like that and just go. So you have a reference on the other side for every square needs around the board; so there’s reference on the card. 2nd person, “So there’s spicy nuts in here huh, heh” 3rd person, “Hmm waterfall.”

Reese, “Those spicy nuts are horrible.”  “Lovely.” 3rd person, “I think they’re great.” Reese, “You like?” 3rd person, “I like my nuts a bit spicy. Hehe!”I’m not gonna laugh.” 2nd person, “There’s nothing worst than a blind nut. I’ll tell you that.” Reese, “We haven’t finished reviewing it yet.” 2nd person, “That’s how good this game is, you want to buy it before it’s even got started.”What? I got 6. Oh no, spin the bottle 26.” “Spin the bottle. Oh me!” “Blue. You get a card.” 2nd person, “Card.” 4th person, “It’s a number six.” 2nd person, “When you land on this base, you draw a card from the deck. If the color of the card matches the color of the base you’re on, then you pass out the amount of sips listed on the card. If the card you choose is not the same color, you will consume the amount of sips yourself.” Reese, “Oh…you’re lucky there right?” 2nd person, “The amount of sips can be divided at between multiple players. We gonna pour into the drink cup. BOOM!” 3rd person, “One, Two, Three, Four, Waterfall!” Everyone, “Waterfall!” Alright, here we go. 4th person, “Okay, that was good.” 3rd person, “WOOOHH!! Empty.” 2nd person, “Alright, girl!”

Tipping Etiquette #3 – Tip Well in Beginning

Bar Tipping Etiquette Video Series

Tipping Etiquette #3 – Tip Well in Beginning


Tipping Etiquette #3 – Tip Well in Beginning | How to Tip at a Bar

Reese Richards here, from! And you’re at the bar.

You’ve ordered the drink, and now it’s time to tip.  So.  So, rules when tipping – tip well in the beginning.

The first drink that you get… ok, this is an awesome rule, ok? So, you go to the bar and you order your first drink, and let’s say it’s a beer, ok? It’s $5, and you leave $10, ok?

That’s double. You don’t have to leave $10 all the time, but you leave $10 that first time, and the bartender’s gonna remember you.

The next time I see your face, I’m coming straight to you, I’m gonna take care of you.  Ok?

Leave a good tip in the beginning, and the bartender’s gonna remember you.

Don’t forget to tip every drink, though. Not $5.  Tip the regular 15 to 20%, ok?

Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack

Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack

kamenstein butterfly wine rack

  • Butterfly-shaped design holds 8 bottles of wine in an elegant display
  • Stores bottles horizontally, keeping the cork moist so wines last longer
  • Stores each bottle in individual, separate compartments
  • Perfect for any wine lover from the amateur to the connoisseur

This butterfly wine rack keeps your favorite wine always within reach. Like a minature wine cellar, the horizontal racks keeps corks moist so wine lasts longer. Separate compartments hold up to 8 of your private selections. The elegant expresso finish will look perfect on any counter or tabletop, and brings a touch of elegance and style to your wine collection.

There are 4 pieces that measure : 11 X 6.5 x 0.5, 2 pieces that measure : 7.75 x 6.625 x 0.5, Opening measures: 3.375″ – easy for any 3.25″ diameter bottle to fit into.

Buy the Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack securely from Amazon

List Price: $ 24.99 Price: $ 24.78



Clear 1 oz Plastic Shot Glasses

Clear 1 oz Plastic Shot Glasses

Ordering plastic shot glasses online is easy.  In this day and age, it’s just simpler to order bar supplies online through Amazon than it is trying to find out if your local restaurant supply store has any in stock.  Stock up on these clear 1 oz plastic shot glasses for those weekend shooter rushes.

clear 1 oz plastic shot glasses

  • Clear Plastic Shooter Glasses – 50 ct
  • Each glass holds 1oz.
  • Perfect for Parties, Dinners, and General events.
  • Clear 1 oz. Plastic Shot glasses – 50 Count Clear Plastic Shot Glasses 1 Oz. A handy selection for a happy occasion Clear Shot Glasses Made of durable plastic 50 Per package Measures 1 oz.

If you live in a small city and even in some larger cities, it gets tough to find all the bar supplies you need. And in this day and age, it’s just easier to get it from Amazon anyway. These clear 1 oz shot glasses are relatively sturdy for being plastic and disposable so you can order with confidence.

Order clear plastic shooter glasses from Amazon.



Cheat Sheet Direct Download

Below is the direct link to download your free bartender cheat sheet.




Or click on the image below:

free bartender cheat sheet


Once you click on the link or image above, it will take you directly to the PDF.  With some browsers, it may download the PDF directly onto your computer.  With other browsers, it may simply open up the PDF within a window.  If that happens, simply go to File -> Save Page As  and save the PDF to your computer where you’ll be able to print it out.

custom bartending swag

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The email will be coming from and the subject line will be: [Cheat Sheet]

Inside that email, you’ll find a clickable link which will lead to the download page.

cheat sheet confirmation email

Click that link and you will be automatically redirected to the download page where you can download your free bartender cheat sheet printable PDF.  The password to access the PDF is:  BnB.comblack coffee mugs with adult sayings

P.S.  If you arrived at this page and you have not yet downloaded your free bartender cheat sheet, then you’ll need to switch browsers and try again.  Our system has detected that someone from your computer using the browser that you’re currently using has already downloaded the cheat sheet from our site (or attempted to).

Please DO NOT email us about not being able to download the cheat sheet.  This is something we provide free of service. If it works like it has for tens of thousands of others, great.  If not, try a new browser or new computer.

Das Beer Boot Glass & Music Video

Das Beer Boot Glass holds up to 48 ounces of your favorite beverage. Pick up yours at Vat19
This beer boot mug is hand blown – these aren’t no off the conveyor belt beer boots here. These are quality glass beer boots that you can be proud to drink beer from.

Das Beer Boot Lyrics / Das Boot Music Video Lyrics

I drink z beer from z glass
but das boring. Das Boot
Oooo yaaahh
Das more like it keep pouring

I have z German accent
So of course I love beer
But how much can z boot hold
Eins, Zwei, Drei?
Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier!

Da Da Das Boot
Da Da Das Boot
Da Da Das Boot
Das Boot

I have z beer and so I need
Z light snack
A giant pretzel, totally perfect
Cheese goes nicely with that

Now I’m all dirty
And tired
And probably need z shower
Energy drink should do
I just need more than five hours

Da Da Das Boot
Da Da Das Boot
Da Da Das Boot
So very totally cool

I wake up early and I hunger for breakfast
Butter milk pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon
sugar and cinnamon.
And for lunch I want z wiener schnitzelDas Beer Boot
Ooo yaaah!
Gotta have z surf with my turf
And wash it down with z butter

Then for dinner it’s simple
I always eat z same thing
Sauerbraten, Goulash, Bratwurst, Spätzle, Hasenpfeffer,
and Mayo

To top it all off
I think z cake looks amazing
But there’s just one thing I’d change
I sink it goes without saying

Da Da Das Boot
Da Da Das Boot
Da Da Das Boot

Da Da Das Boot
Da Da Das Boot
Da Da Das Boot



Lyrics to Das Beer Boot from Vat19

Grab the Das Boot Beer Glass at Vat19 by Clicking HERE

Free Bartender Cheat Sheet

Free Bartender Cheat Sheet PDF download

Our free bartender cheat sheet is not only the #1 most searched on the Net but it’s also the most downloaded free bartender cheat sheet on the Web.  Pretty cool huh?  To get your cocktail cheat sheet, fill in the form below and we’ll email you the link.

free bartender cheat sheet
We’ve created this document to give up-and-coming bartenders something to study from while they’re learning drink recipes.  This cheat sheet is also great to have on hand in any bar since many bartenders tend to make certain cocktails “their own way” which wreaks havoc on consistency – a much needed ingredient in a successful bar.

Please keep in mind that, depending on where you go in the world as well as where you go in your own country, bartenders will make the same drinks differently.

In one state or province, your neighbourhood bartender may make a cocktail with pineapple juice where another bar and bartender in another state or province would make the same drink with grapefruit juice.

In the end, consistency across all bartenders in an establishment is the goal – and this free bartender cheat sheet can help your bar achieve that goal.

If you got some value from this bartending cheat sheet PDF, please give the page a Like or leave a comment.



Bar Etiquette: How to Order Drinks at a Club

Bar Etiquette:  How to Order Drinks at a Club

Bar Etiquette 101 for all of you first-timers to the clubs – there are rules ya know!  Follow these bar etiquette tips on how to order drinks at a club and no one will know you’re a club newbie.

We’ve also included our Tipping Etiquette video series below since that’s the one thing that will get the attention of the bartender the quickest – by not tipping!

Bar etiquette may not be something your Mom & Dad are going to teach you but if you’re going to be out clubbing, club etiquette is really something you should learn.  Sit back, relax and learn how to order drinks at a club. Oh, yeah, btw, this guy’s a bit of a dick! (but he runs the site so…)


Bar Etiquette: How to Order Drinks at a Bar | Ordering a Drink

[TRANSCRIPT] – Bar Etiquette: How to Order Drinks at a Bar

Reese Richards from, with some ordering techniques.

So, you’re at the bar and you go up to the bar and you order from the bartender.

What you want to do is:

A/ make sure you know what you want to order

B/ Try to group all of the same drinks together.

You don’t want to trail off. You don’t want to order one….uh…uh…uh… and then order the next, and then… uh…uh…sorry…uh.  Ok? Respect the bartender’s time.

You want to mention martinis, you want to mention cocktails, mixed drinks, first.  You want to mention the beer and the wine last. Ok?

The real order of ordering the drinks isn’t as important as grouping the drinks together. So, what you don’t do is you don’t order a vodka cran, and then a bottle of Labatt’s Blue, and then a vodka cran.. and then…  You order two vodka cran and a bottle of Blue. Ok?

So group your stuff together, and if you’re ordering shots, guys… girls… if you’re ordering shots, please order all the same shot, or at most two different kinds.  Maybe six of one, six of another, ok?

Order all the same shots, because the bartender’s busy, and it takes a lot of effort to layer shot after shot after shot, ok? So, when you order shots, order all the same shots.



Bar Etiquette NO NOs Series from

Enjoy these sassy bar etiquette videos which will teach you the best way to – and not to – order drinks at a club.  Click HERE to watch the entire bar etiquette NO NOs video series on one page.

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #1: The Searcher

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #2: Spare Change

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #3: the Double Order

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #4: I’ll Have a Beer

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #5: What’s Good?

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #6: Challenging the Bartender

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #7: Do you Know Who I Am?

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #8: Hold My Purse

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #9: Can you Cover Me?

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #10: Helping Yourself to Tips

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #11: Forgot My Change

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #12: Hitting on the Bartender

Bar Tipping Etiquette Videos

Tipping Etiquette Video #1 – Don’t Point Out Your Tip

Tipping Etiquette Video #2 – Don’t Brag About Your Tip

Tipping Etiquette Video #3 – Tip Well in the Beginning

Tipping Etiquette Video #4 – How to Tip on Free Drinks

More Bar Etiquette Advice and Tips on How to Order from a Bartender

Here are 30 More Bar Etiquette Tips

Here’s Great Advice on Ordering Drinks Properly

Well there you have it – with all these tips on how to order at a club, you now have no excuse (except the alcohol of course) for not tipping and acting properly at a bar or club.

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #12: Hitting On The Bartender

Bar Etiquette NO-NO #12: Hitting On The Bartender

Here’s the last video in our bar manners series.

[TRANSCRIPT] Bar Etiquette NO-NOs #12: Hitting on the Bartender | How to Act at a Club

So you’re at the bar, right? And you see this hot little bartender, right? And you’re like “oh what, I’m going to get her by the end of the night”.

So you start getting your drink on… as you’re getting your drink on, you’re getting a little more confident.  A little more confident.  As the confidence comes, so does the hand touching when you order your next drink.

Maybe you’re so bold as to even rub the ear or something. You know, you’re flirting… flirting.

It’s a bartender’s job to flirt, ok? That doesn’t mean she likes you. And it definitely doesn’t mean that she wants to go home with you, or wants your number.

Of course, there’s the rare occasion when she actually does…  But, generally speaking… no!

Don’t hit on the bartender, don’t touch the bartender; try not to flirt with the bartender too much.

Order your drinks. The bartender’s busy. The club’s busy. You’ll get your drinks fast, everybody else will get their drinks fast, everybody will be happy.

If she likes you, she’ll let you know.


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Bar Etiquette NO NOs #11: I Forgot My Change

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #11: I Forgot My Change

Bar Etiquette Rules:  Bar Etiquette NO NOs video series #11 – this one’s called I Forgot My Change.

[TRANSCRIPT] Bar Etiquette NO NOs #11 – I Forgot My Change | Bar Etiquette Tipping

So you’re at the bar, and you’re looking for a drink.  And you get your drink, and it’s time to tip.

What do you do? Right, what you don’t do is forget your change on the bar, and leave, and go dance for 15 or 20 minutes, and come back and say “Oh I’m sorry, bartender, I left my money on the bar.”

I’m sure you did!  Hold on, then, hold on.. let me go see if I can find it in my tip jar.  How much was it?  Come on!

You can’t leave the money on the bar and expect to get it back. You ain’t getting it back.

You left it, it’s gone.

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Bar Etiquette NO NOs #10: Helping Yourself to Tips

Bar Etiquette NO NOs Video #10: Helping Yourself to Tips

Here’s the 10th in our Bar Etiquette NO NOs video series – this one’s called Helping Yourself to Tips

[TRANSCRIPT] Bar Etiquette NO NOs #10 – Helping Yourself to Tips | Tips on Bar Etiquette

So you’re at the bar, right? And, uh, it’s a club, so all over the bar there’s change, right?

‘Cause there’s bartender’s tips all over the bar, and he’s really busy you know, and he doesn’t have time to scoop up all the change and everything. So you think it’s a good idea to maybe just use some of that money.   It’s floating around, you know and the bartender’s not grabbing it.  He must not want it then.

SO, you do one of these little sneaky things, where, uh, you start taking the change off the bar and counting it up so that you can pay for your next drink.

No! No! No! You don’t take the bartender’s money.

There’s a word for that.

It’s called “stealing”!

And you’re gonna get kicked out for it.


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Bar Etiquette #9: Can You Cover Me

Bar Manners – How NOT to Act at a Bar

Here’s the 9th in our Bar Etiquette NO NOs video series – this one’s called Can You Cover Me?

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #9 – Can you Cover Me? | Ordering at a Bar

[TRANSCRIPT] Bar Etiquette Video #9 – Cover Me?

So you’re at the bar, and you’ve been drinking all night. And then, you’re counting your money up, right? So you come to the bar and I already see you counting your money, so I know that’s it’s not going to be… he’s not a big tipper, you know, he doesn’t even know if he has enough money to get another beer.

So, what do you do?

You think maybe it’ll be a good idea if I ask my friend here, my friend the bartender who’s been serving me all night… we’re buddies, yeah we’re buddies now.  He’s served me three, four, five drinks now.

So you ask the bartender: “Hey man, I only.. I only got five bucks. I know it’s $5.25 for a beer.  Do you think you can cover that for me?”

Do I think I can cover your beer for you?

So what you are asking the bartender in that case is, not only am I not going to tip you, but I would like you to reach into your pocket and grab 25 cents so I can continue drinking!

Don’t ask the bartender to cover your drinks. Ask your friends. Ask your girlfriend.  Your boyfriend. Not the bartender.


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Bar Etiquette NO NOs #8: Hold My Purse

Bar Etiquette NO NO Video Series Number 8: Hold My Purse

Here’s the 8th in our Bar Manners video series – this one’s called Hold My Purse.

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #8 – Hold My Purse | Bar Manners

[TRANSCRIPT] Bar Etiquette Video Series Number 8 – Hold my Purse

So, you’re at the bar. Ladies, this one’s especially for you. Ok? You got a big purse. You don’t want to be carrying it around. You want to go to the dance floor. You want to be dancing, you don’t want to be weighed down by a purse.

You don’t feel safe just putting it down by your feet, so you go up to the bar and you ask the bartender: “Hey, could you put my purse behind… just behind the bar.  Could I just leave it here?”

No. NO! You can’t just leave it there. Imagine if every girl in the place put their purse behind the bar?

One, it’s not that I don’t want to help you.  Ok?  One, I’m busy.  Two, I can’t keep an eye on the purse. Three, there’s no room behind the bar.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been behind a bar, but it’s packed and dirty and there’s liqueur spilled all over the place, and/or soda, and we can’t guarantee the safety of your purse.

So, either put it in the coat check, leave it in the car and just bring some money and ID in with you or hold onto it, or grab a table.

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Bar Etiquette NO NOs #7: Do You Know Who I Am

Showing you how NOT to do it in the club, here’s the seventh in our Bar Etiquette NO NOs video series – this one’s called Do You Know Who I Am?

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #7 – Do You Know Who I Am? | Ordering Drinks at a Bar

[TRANSCRIPT] Bar Etiquette Video #7 – “Know Who I Am?”

Do you know? Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am? No! No, I don’t know who you are. And I don’t care.

You’re important… if you’re that important, it would have been pointed out to me by my manager, my boss.

Don’t use the “do you know who I am?”, it’s not going to get you anywhere. And, the other one is… “I know the owner”. So do I. Look, his signature’s right there on my pay check. Don’t use that… “I know the owner”… it doesn’t make any difference.  You’re not going to get a better drink, you’re not going to get served if I cut you off.  Ok?

Things not to do at the bar… and the bartender will love you for it.


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Bar Etiquette NO NOs #6: Challenging the Bartender

How NOT to Order Drinks in a Bar

Here’s the sixth in our Bar Etiquette NO NOs video series – this one’s called Challenging the Bartender

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #6 – Challenging the Bartender | How NOT to Order at a Bar


So you ask the bartender for a drink, ok? And maybe you just graduated from bartending school…maybe you’re on your iphone, you know, and you’ve got that bartending app that shows you all those fancy drinks that you can make.

Maybe you’re sitting at that bar, and you’re like “ohhh… this one, this one, this one…”. Right?  And then you go to the bartender: “Yeah, I’ll have a… Orangutan Down Under”. Sorry?  “An Orangutan Down Under. You don’t know how to make that?” No, no… I’ve actually… I’ve never heard of that. “Whoa… look at this guy, look at this guy the bartender. He’s the bartender, and I know how to make it.”

Ok, smart guy with the iPhone.  Ok. I’ve never heard of that drink. I’ve been bartending for 20 years. Really?  What do you want? Don’t be stupid with the drinks. If you want to play around with your iPhone, and you want to go through the bartending manual and the cocktail drink recipe book, then go to a pub.

Go to a pub when it’s not busy, and talk to the bartender, and just start making drinks. Get the bartender to make drinks, and they’ll be happy to do it there, because they’re bored. But at a nightclub, on a Friday, Saturday night, to impress your friends? Don’t do that.

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