Bar Tricks Tutorial – Liquid Transfer

Bar Tricks to Make Money – “Liquid Transfer”

[VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Liquid Transfer Bar Trick Tutorial]

Hi there! For this trick we’re gonna need two shooter glasses and two coins – quarters probably be the best – and the shooter glass should be small in the opening because you have to be able to balance the quarters on the side of the glass. One of the shooters have liquid in it while the other one is empty. What you do is first balance the two quarters on the sides of the shooter glass. Okay, and the bet is i bet you that i could take the contents of this glass – the shooter glass – and exchange it or get into this glass (empty one) so the contents of this glass into this glass without actually touching the glass or the liquid contents. So i want this liquid in this shooter glass without actually touching any of the shooter glasses. There’s the bet. How do you do it? Carefully, you place your finger(forefinger) and your thumb on top of the quarters and you’re going to slide the quarters down gripping firmly so that eventually the quarters will be between your forefingers and your thumb pressing against the side of the glass, so that your fingers will not actually be touching the glass. You might have to practice this a couple of times to get it right. So, i’m going to place my thumb and fore finger and slide the quarters down the glass. You want to grip hard. Put the contents in. And there’s your two quarters. You win.


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