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Bar Promotions – House Party bar event

by the bar

Bringing the House Party theme to your bar is a great bar promotion to run. You’ll have a great time but the most important thing to keep in mind is to ..set the scene!

Buy or find free donated furniture and set up sitting areas in the bar. Bras on the lamps. smashed pizza boxes every where, empty liquor bottles (secured to counter). Huge spray painted sign “House Party” with date in front of building.

We we ran our House Party bar promotion, we even had a broken dresser out front of our bar with clothes pouring out of it.

And of course, no house party is complete without beer pong and a drinking game of quarters.

So much fun and great turn out!

NOTE: When running any bar promotion or bar event, make sure that you check with your local liquor inspector about what you can and can’t do as far as liquor promotions, pricing, drinking games, gambling etc.

Beer pong, for example is illegal in some parts of the world as it promotes intoxication. In places like Canada, serving to the point of intoxication is (technically) illegal. We say technically because if such a law were strictly enforced than no one in Canada would ever be drunk in a bar. And, if you’ve ever been to a bar, pub or club in Canada, you know that’s not the case 😉 .